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Wouldn’t You Like To Know Weather Boy

    It appears like another local news segment. FOX5 Vegas chief meteorologist, speaking live from a firework depot about what’s hot for the Fourth of July in pyrotechnics. The camera follows him to the corner of the store where a child holds a pamphlet of fireworks options.

    The weatherman asks innocently, “What’s best firework to purchase?”

    “Wouldn’t that you know, weather boy?” The kid responds. Sick burn.

    “Where are your parents?” responds the weatherman, stunned. “Kid’s sketchy. It’s time to get back to you, guys.

    It was too good for true.

    Ted Pretty, FOX 5’s chief meteorologist, was performing a live show in Nevada when Ted found a little boy pondering what fireworks he should purchase for July 4. His answer when asked what kind of firework was best to buy was incredible:

    What does Weather Boy want you to know?

    The skit sees a meteorologist approach a boy at a firework station and ask him which is the best. The child replies, “wouldn’t that be cool, weather boy?”


    Wouldn’t it be great to know the Weather Boy, Weather Boy! The viral skit, which was broadcast on Fox 5 News, features a meteorologist asking a young boy the best firework to buy. He responds aggressively, “wouldn’t ye know weather boy?”

    Many viewers believed that the video was real. However, it quickly became apparent that it was fake. Pretty tweeted “You really have the right to question his upbringing!” the day before the video was uploaded. #myson, in response to a user calling him rude, revealed the video as an prank (shown above).

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