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why won’t instagram let me post multiple pictures

    Instagram allows you to post up to 10 photos in your posts. It also provides for multiple pictures to be shared on your stories.

    You may have a few issues with Instagram that make it impossible to post multiple photos. Instagram may not allow you to post various pictures because of bugs or technical errors.

    You can either update or reinstall your app and upload multiple pictures again. If you still need to upload multiple images, you can read this article to learn what to do.

    Why can’t I upload multiple images to Instagram?

    There are many reasons why multiple photos you upload to Instagram can go wrong. If some pictures aren’t posted, it could be because of an app update or something else. This issue can be hard to trace, however.

    Verify Your Internet Connection

    Unable to post several photos or receive the “Not Posted Yet” message is often caused by an intermittent (or nonexistent!) internet connection. Please try again

    To upload and load Instagram photos, ensure your internet is open and not blocked.

    How to clear cache from Instagram on Android devices

    Follow the steps.
    Open your Instagram app on your device.
    Tap the profile icon at the bottom left.
    Click on three horizontal bars located in the top-right corner of the screen.
    Next, tap on the ‘Settings’ button on your Instagram profile.
    Next, tap the “Security” dialogue box.
    Then, tap ‘Search History.
    Next, tap on Clear All.

    Why can’t an Instagram Carousel be uploaded?

    If you find these items acceptable, then they are likely the accounts you are tagging.

    You can tag 20 accounts in your posts. However, you can only order 15 reports on the Instagram carousel.

    The carousel may only be sent if you tag up to 15 accounts.

    How do you put multiple images on one reel?

    To begin, navigate to the Reels screen. Next, tap the Gallery icon.
    Tap the “Select More” icon (two overlapping circles) in the upper right corner.
    Select the desired video or photo from your gallery.
    After selecting all of the photos, tap Next.

    How do I post a carousel on Instagram?

    Instagram features can be described as a single Instagram post. It can contain up to 10 images and videos and be shared on your Instagram feed. Multiple Instagram photos will allow you to tell a more powerful story while saving time, increasing engagement, and keeping a clear theme in your overall narrative. In just a few steps, you can post a carousel via Instagram.

    We hope you have learned everything you need about Instagram’s carousel function. This feature allows you to upload multiple images and videos in one post. We hope we’ve answered all your questions. We welcome all feedback, queries, comments and suggestions regarding any topic. You are also welcome to suggest the next topic for our blog.


    You can’t post multiple images on Instagram because of in-app bugs or network issues. You can reset and update your Instagram app to correct the problem.

    For multiple photos, visit Instagram from your desktop.

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