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why my instagram is not working

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than 1.393 trillion monthly active users. This platform is used by people who prefer photos to text. But what happens if the app isn’t working properly? Here are 10 ways you can get your Instagram account running again. So, let’s begin!

    Do The Cliche to Fix “Instagram Not Loading.”

    Instagram bugs are not always obvious. You can do what is required and move on.

    Turn Off and On Your Cellphone

    Although it may sound too easy to solve, many have claimed that they have managed to remove the glitch by simply turning off the cell phone and switching back on.

    Follow Instagram to Stay Current

    If none of these options work, you may not have updated your Instagram app to the most recent version. In addition to new features, security patches and bug fixes are often included in older versions.

    Open Google Play Store to update Instagram on Android. Tap on the Update icon next to Instagram. There are other ways to update Android apps.

    Open App Store on iOS and locate Instagram. Click on the Update button.

    Once you’ve completed updating the app, try running Instagram again.

    Inspect your Wireless network carefully.

    This is quite self-explanatory. While using an old wireless router, I had trouble chatting and sending multimedia via direct messages a few months back. Everything works seamlessly when I switch from the wireless router to mobile data. Wireless problems were gone after I changed the router.

    There are other things you should consider. Although your router may be in good condition, temporarily disable any other devices connected to the network. If the problem continues, you can reset your router and modem. You might try using other apps on your device that require a wireless connection.

    If you find that all your home devices are functioning normally, but you cannot pinpoint the Android device with connectivity problems as such, reboot it. You can also turn on the Airplane function for just a moment and then remove it. For more information, check out our articles on WiFi issues in Android.

    Finally, you have the option to reset Network settings. Here’s how it works on virtually any Android device.

    Open Settings.
    Choose between General Management and System.
    Scroll down to access the Reset or Reset Options.
    Tap Reset network settings.
    Confirm selection


    Instagram is no exception. Instagram regularly releases bug fixes through app updates. Open Play Store, and click Menu to choose My apps & videos.

    Check to see if Instagram has any pending updates, especially if your account is part of the beta testing program. Open Instagram and check for any pending updates.

    Reinstalling the app is a good idea if the update fails. Check out point 6 below for instructions on how to delete all your app data.

    Clear Instagram App Cache

    Clearing the app cache can often resolve issues with apps.

    So, To fix the Instagram app issue, clear the Instagram app cache. To clear the Instagram app cache.

    Android users will need to go to settings >> Find Instagram App >> Select Clear cache. You will need to clear the Instagram app cache.

    iPhone users should go to iPhone settings >>>>>>>> Tap on General >> Locate Instagram App. Click on it >> Tap the Offload App button >> Install Instagram again.

    After clearing the cache, you can verify whether or not the Instagram app is functioning.

    Allow Mobile Data to Instagram (iPhone), Give Unrestricted Access (Android).

    You can disable access to certain apps on your smartphone to reduce data usage. Your smartphone may disable certain apps from accessing your data.

    iPhone users will find Instagram under Settings. You can toggle Mobile Data on the page.

    Data Saver mode may affect Android users. Hold the Instagram icon down and click on the app info. Select Mobile data, & WiFi and toggle off unrestricted usage.

    Open your Instagram app to refresh your feed.

    Contact Instagram Help Centre

    If the problem persists after you’ve followed the steps, it’s time for assistance. This could be because your Instagram account has been blocked. Similar messages will continue to be sent to your account even if it has been disabled. If this happens, contact the service center immediately.

    If you have questions about the content you are not allowed to submit, you can submit a ticket and receive the error message, “sorry. Something went wrong.”

    How do I fix Instagram music?

    First, try these basic fixes to add music to your Instagram stories or posts. Log out and log back in. Check for updates, and then try another account. If none work, the problem may be with Instagram.

    You are currently viewing a Location/Coordinate or Single Post feed.

    Since December 11, 2018, it has been no longer possible for location, coordinate, or single feed feeds to be displayed. You can find more information here.

    You are currently displaying a Hashtagfeed but have not connected a business profile.

    It is mandatory to connect an Instagram Business Profile by December 11, 2018, to display Hashtag feeds. You can find more information here.


    For Instagram app problems? Check your internet connection to ensure a stable connection. After that, Uninstall and Install the Instagram app. This will resolve the issue, and Instagram App should work again.

    Alternatively, you might have technical issues with Instagram App. Wait for the Instagram team to resolve these technical issues. After that, Instagram App should work flawlessly.

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