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Why Is WhatsApp Stuck On Connecting On iPhone And How To Fix It

    It doesn’t matter if it’s Android or iOS; WhatsApp has made it much simpler for users to communicate with distant and nearby users via SMS messages, calls, video chats, and more within one platform. But, there is a nagging annoyance that doesn’t know why. Whenever WhatsApp is installed on your iPhone, the door has stopped working and is not connected. This blog will discuss why this happens and what to do to fix the issue. Let’s get started.

    What is the reason WhatsApp not communicating?

    WhatsApp does not connect because you do not have an internet connection or your internet connection is low.

    Sometimes, it may mean WhatsApp has gone down, and you’ll have to wait for it to return online.

    In late October, WhatsApp experienced worldwide downtime.

    The majority of users took to Twitter to post tweets about the time of downtime.

    When it was in effect, it had more than 1 million tweets on the event.

    “People coming to Twitter to check whether WhatsApp is down, #WhatsappDown.”

    “When your WhatsApp has stopped working, but you log on to Twitter and find the other users are experiencing similar issues, #WhatsAppDown.”

    “Everyone’s going to Twitter to check out what’s happening on WhatsApp.”

    5 Tips to Fix WhatsApp Connecting Issue

    Start your smartphone

    The simple act of restarting your phone will solve many of your issues. In some cases, too many apps are running behind the scenes, slowing down the phone’s efficiency. The phone will get hotter and slower. The restart clears the phone of applications and memory. It helps to resolve conflict.

    For a restart of your phone, adhere to the following steps:

    • Hold one of the buttons to control the volume or the power button simultaneously.
    • A slider will show. Drag the slider around to turn off your phone.
    • Within 2 to 3 minutes, press the volume or power buttons until you see the Apple logo displayed.
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    Update WhatsApp

    WhatsApp regularly releases updates with new features as well as fixes bugs. If you cannot receive or send messages due to WhatsApp getting stuck when connecting, it might be due to a bug or a previous application version. Update your WhatsApp through the following steps provided in the following steps:

    • Open the Apple App Store.
    • Find WhatsApp using the search bar.
    • Click the icon for the App to update the App. If there is an update pending, it will show the update options.
    • Click Update to refresh your WhatsApp.

    The App you use for WhatsApp has been updated to the most recent version, and you can check whether messages are accepted and adequately sent.

    Verify Your Wi-Fi

    A slow internet connection is usually the primary reason for WhatsApp not connecting. Check your Wi-Fi connectivity using the top right part of the display. If there are a few bars for network connectivity, this suggests you’re experiencing a low Wi-Fi signal. It is possible to turn your Wi-Fi off and switch it on. If this doesn’t work, start the Wi-Fi router again. Also, you can switch your smartphone to airplane mode for a couple of minutes.

    Enable VPN when it is turned on.

    WhatsApp connectivity issues could be fixed by turning off VPN, a Virtual Private Network. VPN significantly reduces the connectivity speed and hinders a program’s functionality. Take a look at the steps below to turn off the VPN.

    • Go to Settings on the homepage.
    • Find a Network as well as the Internet. It could be different depending on the make and model of the phone.
    • Click to open the VPN.
    • Turn it off by tapping the toggle.

    If you’ve activated a VPN or proxy using an application from another source, disable it only from that particular App.

    Contact WhatsApp Support WhatsApp Support

    If, after trying the steps listed above, your connectivity problem persists, then you need to contact WhatsApp support. Contact WhatsApp customer support via the steps below:

    • Open WhatsApp
    • Go to Settings > Help > Contact Us

    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is WhatsApp not showing “connecting” in the App on iPhone?

    The reason could be either you do not have a network connection or your WhatsApp server is not working. Your device is not linked to the Internet, or the speed of the Internet may be plodding.

    Does it have a problem causing WhatsApp issues when it keeps connecting?

    If WhatsApp keeps connecting incessantly, this means WhatsApp isn’t connected to the Internet, and the messages you send need to be backed up or loaded. It could be a server issue. In this scenario, sitting and waiting for WhatsApp to restore is necessary.

    My WhatsApp phone isn’t connecting. How can I fix it?

    If your WhatsApp calls aren’t working, you must attempt connecting to a different network or switch to mobile data. It is also possible to disable the Wi-Fi before enabling it.

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