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why is my girlfriend hitting me

    If you think, “I feel terrible for hitting my boyfriend,” this article is for you. Engaging in domestic violence or physical violence against your partner should not be tolerated. Domestic violence is a form of relationship abuse that involves force, coercion or trying to take control over a partner. It can be sexual, emotional or psychological.

    It’s possible to correct the mistake you made by hitting your boyfriend. It is essential to recognize that you have hurt your partner and are trying to fix it. You might be ashamed that this is the first instance of this happening. It doesn’t matter what; you can learn to improve your behaviours and prevent them from happening again. Sometimes people act without thinking and end up hitting the boyfriend for a lapse or reason. However, abuse against someone is never justified.

    Is it common for my girlfriend to hit me?

    If your partner attempts violence against you, it’s considered physical abuse.

    You are not allowed to hit your girlfriend in jest.
    When your partner hits you, the most important thing is to remember that hitting or scratching, punching or any other unwelcome physical offence, even if not taken seriously, is a negative sign.
    Your partner should respect your private space. If they don’t, they need more constructive ways to communicate.

    Your girlfriend wants you to play with her.

    Pranks are something that some people enjoy. This means they are bright, active, and creative. But sometimes, this is not a joke. If you get sexy from your opposite, this is no joke.

    Is it painful for you to be slapped by your girlfriend? It could be that she is mentally ill. Talk to her. Tell him what he did is unacceptable. Tell him that he will face severe consequences if he continues doing the same thing.

    Your girlfriend may be hitting you because she’s angry or used to hit people like this. She may have done this to other men she dated. It would help if you did not let her hit you, regardless of the reason.

    What can I do if my girlfriend hits me?

    If your girlfriend abuses you, you should have some distance and reevaluate the relationship.
    You may want to consider whether you should end your relationship or attend couples counselling or therapy. Or, if you can find constructive ways to talk and resolve the issue,

    As someone who survived an abusive relationship, I understand how confusing, stressful and frustrating it is to deal with the repercussions.

    There are a variety of ways you can get rid of the abuse and address the root issue.

    What can I do if my girlfriend hits me? 3 Things You Should Learn

    You may be wondering what you should do if your girlfriend hits. Here are some tips for girlfriends who hit you often. There is a possibility that your girlfriend has anger management issues, but she may be retaliating for past abuses or resentments. Stop allowing this behaviour to continue and end the relationship. You can take two simple steps to complete the relationship: get out of it and evaluate it.

    Is it okay for my girlfriend to hit you? First, tell your girlfriend you won’t accept her hitting you. If the violence persists, contact the police and take photos. If violence escalates to the point of inflicting severe injury, call the police. If the woman continues to abuse you, report it. Also, be sure to document what happened and who was involved if it is a woman calling the police.

    3) Apologize. Both parties must express their regret for the incident. This is essential because it will help improve the relationship. Be sincere and genuine in your apology. It is not easy to split up with your girlfriend. But, if your goal is to save the relationship, you should talk to your girlfriend about the situation and offer possible solutions. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to cut ties. There are many resources to assist you. Is it common for my girlfriend to hit you?

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