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Why Is My Firestick So Slow?

    FireStick is a convenient and portable device to use to stream online. However, FireStick running slow is not a common issue for FireStick users. This can be a real pain. However, this issue can be fixed quickly, and you don’t have to endure a slow FireStick device.

    To speed up loading speeds or resolve issues with application freezing, I’d suggest you read this guide until the very conclusion. This is because I have provided various solutions to help everyone, as every person might face different problems; therefore, after reading the complete guide, you’ll be able to speed up quickly.

    FireStick Performance Issues

    It’s not a novel concept in streaming; even the most reliable streaming services have their downfalls. Performance issues indicate you’re FireStick is slow. Since the latest system update, you could be experiencing performance issues if you are a power user. The recent modifications use greater processing power than other sources could have utilized.

    The majority of FireStick’s problems with performance stem from the usage of the streaming device. Like most issues, there will be a decrease in performance at a particular time. Normal. The most prominent indicators of performance issues are overheating, general system lag – slow reaction to input, sudden buffering of audio and video not in sync, and crashes of apps.

    Disable Unused Services

    It’s also possible that the Fire Stick has some of Amazon’s other services integrated into it. Based on your device and the operating system you’re running, these might comprise Prime Photos and Whispersync.

    Prime Photos provides unlimited photo storage to Prime members. Whispersync syncs achievements, top scores and other gaming information across Amazon devices.

    Stop all apps that are not being used.

    Apps that aren’t used and don’t offer the option to uninstall or applications you’d want to keep but don’t use could be shut off, so they do not run within the background. You must follow the same steps you’d follow to uninstall an app following the steps above. The only difference is that instead of choosing Uninstall, select Force to stop. Something may have occurred initially, but it’s clear that the app is no longer weighing on your Fire Stick.

    Many Apps Running in Background

    This is a reason that is similar to the reason I already mentioned because every time the user launches an application and then opens another, it will not be killed; however, it’ll run behind the scenes. If you’re using services such as Mouse Toggle and VPN, then keep in mind that these apps run automatically in the background.

    Clear app cache

    The cache collects information saved on your device to make specific processes quicker.

    The issue is that the cache on your Firestick does not do much. As the Firestick processor is small, the cache makes things slower since it’s taking up precious storage.

    Turn Off Collect App Usage Data

    It may not be as if it is directly connected to increasing the performance of your FireStick. However, everything your FireStick does is going to consume system resources. Thus, deactivating features that aren’t beneficial to your FireStick can increase the efficiency that you get from your FireStick.

    Additionally, As you are a FireStick user, you should be aware of this setting. Amazon will collect data on its apps; however, you can deactivate it to protect your security. According to Amazon, it collects data to improve its apps’ quality and enhance users’ experience. If you’re generous enough, then let the setting be.

    The factory reset of your FireStick

    If the above options aren’t enough to fix your slow FireStick, It’s time to reset it factory. This is the last option to restore your FireStick to its original state when it first was the day it came out. The factory reset erases all your settings and data. Following a factory reset, it is recommended to follow the solutions above to boost your FireStick and increase performance.

    Wrapping Up

    The cost of buying a new FireStick each time it gets slower isn’t sensible. In this tutorial, I’ve explained ways to boost the speed of the performance of a slow FireStick device using various methods. These strategies are simple and do not require any technical knowledge other than the directions I gave. If you’ve got any ideas to speed up the performance of the speed of your FireStick, please share them by commenting below.

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