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why does my spotify keep stopping

    Do you have a shared Spotify account with another person? If yes, this could be the reason your Spotify continues to pause. A different user may have changed their device, broken the music, or opted for another song.

    It is possible to determine whether this is true using your Spotify application. If you’re an active user, You’ll notice a different user’s name beneath the song’s name. If there’s no other account with another user, we can investigate other causes and solutions to why Spotify continues to pause.

    How to fix my Spotify?

    The main reason Spotify fails to work is the low battery power and the data-saving mode. If they are enabled, both modes block apps running working in the background from drawing energy from the battery or using online to download data. Therefore, determining if these features are enabled and turning them off could solve Spotify. This approach should work for both Android as well as iOS devices.

    Another factor that can make it difficult to play your music smoothly and one of the main reasons for a slow playback experience on Spotify is a slow internet connection. Anyone experiencing problems can try switching to another link. This means that when they’re using the internet on their mobile device, they could try changing to a WiFi connection or the reverse if the application has sufficient bandwidth to run continuously and not slow down or stop.

    The users can try downloading the music and streaming it offline if the issue with streaming online persists.

    If more than one person is streaming music using that same Spotify account, each user could face the same problem. Therefore, logging out of all other devices could stop Spotify from stalling.

    Users can clean the cache or save information from within the Settings menu of their devices.

    Users may try uninstalling and installing the program.

    Sign Out of all devices in Spotify using a Web Browser

    Signing in to your Account from other devices could cause the current device to stop and restart periodically. Try switching off all your devices.

    Take note that you must log out of all your devices through on Spotify website.

    In a brand new browser, go to

    If you are prompted, sign into your Account.

    Choose the Profile icon on the homepage toward the upper right.

    Select Account from the drop-down menu.

    On the left side, click Account Overview.

    Scroll down, and then click the “Sign Out Everywhere” option.

    You’ll be signed out of all your devices, including the web browser.

    How to Fix the Issue Of Spotify Keep Pausing?

    Now that we’ve looked at the reasons for the problem with Spotify that is constantly paused, Let’s look at the solutions. Remember that you need to test every possible solution to determine which one will work best for you.

    Restart the Internet Connection

    A slow internet connection is a common reason that causes Spotify to stop working when used. Music streaming applications require a stable internet connection for playing music with no pause or buffering. If you’re having issues connecting, Spotify may suddenly stop playing.

    If that’s the case, you need to disconnect from the internet on your smartphone and then reconnect with the internet. Another method is to turn off your phone’s data connection while using the app. After that, for 30 seconds, you can use Spotify in the offline mode’, before activating your device’s internet connection.

    Close Other Apps

    However, restarting can shut off all the apps running for you, but it will not turn off all the apps. But, certain apps require permission from the system to run automatically. Certain apps running in the background may interfere with the playback capabilities of the app and result in Spotify to keep crashing errors. So, while you are running the app, make sure to stop all other applications that are running. This applies to computer and smartphone devices and is safe as well.

    Find the following method If the app is not active in the background and you’re facing Spotify repeatedly crashing errors.

    Use the ‘Sign Out Everywhere’ Option:

    If you sign into your Spotify account across several devices could constitute one of the primary reasons why Spotify will not stop playing in your Account, an easy solution is to quit all the devices.

    Follow the steps below carefully when using a desktop browser:

    Go to the official site of Spotify and sign up with your current username and password.

    When you log in to your Account, The browser will right take you to the main page for your Spotify account.

    Then, move down towards the bottom until you see an option to leave your Spotify account on every device you signed in to.

    Click the button to sign out from all places, And that’s it! You’re now free to go.

    Disable the ‘Background Data Restriction setting:

    Sometimes, we limit background internet usage to reduce their use. But this may have the adverse result that Spotify will not stop playing when playing back. It is possible to fix the problem by following the following steps:

    Step 1: Open the settings option on your phone and search for any sub-menu like “Apps,” “App Settings”, or “Apps and notifications”.

    Step 2: Once you’ve entered the app’s settings, Look for the Spotify icon in the app to gain access to the options on the device.

    Step 3: Click on the mobile data and WiFi options. There is a toggle on/off settings for data in the background in the application.

    Step 4: Turn off the Background Data and the open data use options.

    Key Points and Takeaways

    Unstable internet connections are the primary reason why your Spotify is constantly crashing.

    Other reasons include the fact that too many gadgets are linked to a single account, being compromised, having to install or update issues, or having broken AirPods/earphones.

    Restarting your device and reconnecting to the WiFi network are the fastest solutions to the problem.

    It is also possible to remove all connected devices from your Account before re-running the application.

    How can I turn off auto-pause on Discord 2022?

    To turn off Discord’s auto-pause feature, start Discord and then click on the settings icon at the lower left-hand corner of the screen. After that, choose “Sound & Voice” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

    “AutoPause” is the name of your program. “AutoPause,” uncheck the box next to “Pause when other programs are in focus.” After that, select “OK” to save your changes.

    How to Fix The Spotify App From Pausing Randomly?

    There are various methods to prevent Spotify from randomly pausing, such as turning off the Battery saver mode or clearing the cache, and so on. Follow the steps listed in this article to find the complete solution.


    With hundreds of music, songs and podcasts being added daily to this platform, it can become heavy and sometimes crash. To ensure a smooth operation on your mobile device, ensure the app is up-to-date and clear caches regularly. This will keep the issue at the bare minimum. If the problem persists, follow the suggestions above, as they’re straightforward and should eliminate the Spotify issue that keeps stopping. Test them to discover the cause and prevent it from happening again!

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