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Why Does My Siri Sound Weird? How to Fix

    Apple’s renowned digital assistant Siri has gotten many new functions within iOS 15. Siri appears to be sharper than before and significantly more active. But, some issues still need to be in sync with Siri. Today, we’ll be talking about a particular problem that has been affecting millions of people around the world.

    We’ll look into why Siri does not sound right on your smartphone and how you can fix the issue.

    What is the reason why my Siri Sounds Strange?

    If you’ve ever encountered the muffled Siri voice, there could be some explanations that are the reason. We will examine the reasons you are getting strange Siri voice:

    • A low battery of the device is among the reasons leading to an unnatural voice from Siri. If you notice that your Apple device has run out of juice, it’s best to verify that it has sufficient power. If the device has a battery that is not fully charged, you must recharge your device to fix the issue with voice.
    • One of the leading causes of this issue is the recent iOS 15.1 update. Many users have experienced Siri’s voice being silenced after the update to iOS 15.1.
    • AirPods are an excellent Apple accessory that is frequently utilized by drivers or in the course of work. Finding that your AirPods don’t look clean or dirty could be the reason behind strange Siri noises. Make sure you thoroughly clean them with alcohol-based wipes.
    • It’s always vital to switch off your gadget every once in a while. If you’ve been unable to do so over the past week, it’s appropriate to turn off your device and then switch it back on again since the prolonged time may also trigger this issue and leave you confused about why your Siri sounds strange.
    • Another factor that’s discovered to cause problems related to issues with Siri’s Voice is bugs. If you have an Apple device running third-party applications, they may slow your device without difficulty. It is possible to deinstall the apps and avoid downloading anything fraudulent.
    • Cookies stored on the device’s Apple device may affect the speed at which Siri communicates. Consider using the VPN or switching to a secure browser to avoid these problems.

    Unintentional changes to Siri’s speech settings could also factor in this issue.

    Did Siri’s voice change?

    Siri was first introduced in October 2011 on the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S. Since then, the Siri voice has maintained the same voice until the launch of iOS 14.5. Siri was no longer the default female voice when it came out with this version. However, it was able to add two additional voice options. iOS 15 further improved by introducing a variety of voices that users can choose from. With the recent iOS update, some users complained that Siri is robotic. Siri’s voice sounds very weak, or it can be silenced.

    Siri Sounds Robotic – Fast Fixes

    One significant change the iOS upgrade made was a more refined and flexible Siri. However, it’s not all the roses, as some complain that Siri has a robotic sound. If you are concerned about Siri’s new upgrade, keep reading and pray that these simple solutions solve the issue.

    Fix #1: Do a restart

    If I experience issues when using the performance of my iPhone or iPad and iPad, one common solution is to reboot the device. It is a method that is highly effective. I often do this with my router whenever I encounter problems with my Internet connection.

    Fix#2: Reset the computer.

    Please do not confuse it with restarting by turning your iPhone off and powering it on. A reset will restore the factory settings. If asked to download your settings, set the phone up to new and fix any issues with Siri.

    Fix #3: Check the Storage Space.

    Each update requires additional storage space. This could cause problems for iPhones that have limited storage. Siri is now available. Siri comes with a range of different voice features that range between 150MB to 500MB. When space for storage is constrained, your device has chosen not to download all audio documents. For this reason, you can free extra space by eliminating specific videos or uninstalling apps.

    Fix #4 Download the favorite voice Setting

    Suppose you’re still experiencing difficulties or issues with Siri or the app. You can download your favorite voice by searching for the different voices in “Settings.” Look up Siri & Search’ to access the various voice choices available.

    Fix #5: Turn off Low Power Mode

    Its Low Power Mode removes unnecessary features or modifies applications to save battery power. Siri is among the apps that are affected. If you experience voice fluctuations when you’re down on Battery or in low power mode, turn it off using Siri. Navigate to Settings and select Battery. This will switch the Low Power Mode off.

    Fix #6: Verify Your AirPods and iPhone Speakers

    It could be that the problem was something other than due to the software update or upgrade. If you’re having trouble hearing Siri, the issue could result from a damaged AirPod or iPhone speaker.


    If the solutions listed above don’t work, then it’s necessary to do a complete factory reset or a visit for an appointment with one of the Geeks. They’ll know the most effective cause to understand why Siri is a bit muffled and whether this is a sign of a more serious issue.

    Most of the time, it’s not an issue you could tackle alone. However, there are many problems that are well beyond the scope of your salary.

    It is possible to reset your device by yourself. However, I do not recommend doing it. Ultimately, the Geek can tell if the reset is initially required or unnecessary. It is possible to wait. In some cases, the problem is only short-term and will resolve itself.

    Commonly Answered Questions (FAQs):

    Q1. How do I fix my Siri restored to normal?

    Ans. Getting Siri to return to its normal voice by changing its settings on your iPhone is possible. Try changing Siri’s voice, described in method three earlier.

    Q2. What is the reason why my Siri audio quality is low?

    Ans. Your Siri sounds may be of lower quality due to the lower power settings. It is possible to turn off this setting to eliminate low audio quality.

    Q3. Who was the person behind Siri’s voice?

    Ans. Siri’s original voice. Siri was Susan Bennett.

    Q4. Does Siri recognize multiple voices?

    Ans. Siri can recognize different voices. Users can use your device to provide recommendations, make or read text messages, do simple tasks, make phone calls, and even ask questions using Siri from any Apple device.

    Q5. What languages does Siri speak? Siri used to communicate?

    Ans. Siri speaks English, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, and many more.

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