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why can’t i copy and paste

    A few Windows users have reported an issue with the copy/paste function is now not working for users. This issue appears to be distinct from the iCloud Notes Copy/Paste problem, as the case is system-wide, not only when using specific applications. This issue has been reported to be present on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

    Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 11 is not perfect software, despite being built upon the base 10th edition. Paste and copy is a standard practice used by almost everyone frequently. There is no one but you to be the only person who has encountered this issue since many have complained about it on forums. I will provide you with various solutions to solve the problems of copy-and-paste in Windows 11.

    Why Isn’t My Copy and Paste Working?

    Copying and pasting problems can be seen in any of the below ways.

    Other processes or applications running could utilize the clipboard, which could interfere with your copy-and-paste attempts.

    Malware or viruses may corrupt or block the clipboard.

    A vast history of clips on your computer that hasn’t been cleaned recently could cause issues.

    A damaged mouse or Keyboard might make it difficult to copy or paste correctly.

    Drivers or system files that are corrupted could interfere with the clipboard.

    These problems can arise at any moment and appear to be unpredictable.

    How to Fix the Copy and Paste Not Working Issue

    If you cannot copy and paste, it can appear like you’ve lost vital function, mainly when you depend on it for improved productivity. There are many causes, and choosing the most appropriate one is following the steps step by step until you’ve restored complete copy-paste capabilities. The most popular solutions are listed below.

    Potential Malware

    Copy-paste may not function when the clipboard files are damaged or if there is a presence of viruses on the clipboard. To identify viruses take the following steps:

    For Windows:

    Click on the Windows logo.

    Go to Settings.

    Click on Update & Security.

    Click on Windows Security on the left-right.

    In the upper right corner, Select “Open Windows Security.”

    Click on Virus and Threat protection.

    Select Scan Options, then select Scan now.

    If your files are detected as having malware, the program provides users with options of either quarantining or eliminating the files.

    Make sure you are using System File Checker.

    Using System File Checker (SFC) to resolve Windows problems is normal, and SFC will help you in this case. (Note If you discover that the program is not functioning, click the to fix it quickly. SFC Scannow Not Working – SFC scannow not working (Focus on two cases).

    Step 1. Enter Command Prompt or cmd into the search bar. Then, right-select Command Prompt and then select Run as Administrator.

    Step 2. Type SFC/scannow. hit Enter on your Keyboard. You will see a black window similar to the one below.

    Step 3. Let the system finish scanning the device before resolving the issue.

    Once the scanning process is complete After the scanning has been completed, try copying and pasting the document using your Keyboard to see if the issue is still present. If the problem persists, it is possible to test the following options.

    Restart Windows Explorer

    Before restarting Windows Explorer, please save your work in progress since it will close all running windows and applications. Follow these steps:

    Right-click Start > Task Manager.

    On the Processes tab, locate Windows Explorer.

    Right-click and select Restart.

    Verify that copy-paste is working.

    Keyboard Troubleshooting

    You’re trying to use keyboard shortcuts to copy or paste, and they aren’t proving to work. If that’s the situation, you could attempt troubleshooting your Keyboard to resolve the issue:

    Once again, go to the Windows Start menu. Open the Windows Start menu and click on Settings. Windows Start Menu

    Tap Update & Security.

    Now, tap Troubleshoot.

    Tap Other troubleshooting tools.

    Then, tap Keyboard.

    Tap Start the troubleshooter.

    If your computer detects problems, it will advise the best way to fix them, which will fix the issue of copy-paste.

    Run Word in Safe Mode

    To launch Word using Safe Mode, Press the Windows and R keys and open the new Run window. Enter winword/safe, then press Enter. Please verify that the copy-paste function is working as it should. If it doesn’t, turn off your add-ins and enable them one at a time to determine the cause.

    If you’re still unable to copy-paste in Word or you’re unable to launch the application in Safe Mode, Try fixing Office.

    Repair Office

    In Settings, click on Apps, then navigate to Features and Apps.

    Choose Office and then click Advanced settings.

    Choose the Repair option and verify that the issue has been resolved.

    If the issue persists, try the reset option. Be aware that resetting Office implies that the application’s information will be deleted.

    Alternatively, you can navigate to Control Panel and select Programs. Click on Programs and Features, Office, and then the change button. Choose one of the Quick Repair alternatives first. If the issue persists, try Online Repair. Online Repair tool as well.

    Disable Add-ins and Third-Party Apps

    Turn off all apps that are running in the background. Then determine if this solution has solved the issue. Some of your apps may interfere with Word. In reality, PDF, as well as OCR software, can sometimes break certain Word features. Start The Task Manager. Click the Processes tab, right-click on the program you wish to close, and select end task.

    Reinstall Office

    If the issue persists, visit Control Panel and select Uninstall an application. Choose Office and then click”Uninstall. Reboot your computer, then start downloading Office once more.

    Additional Solutions

    Turn off your Remote Desktop Connection app. Sometimes it’s impossible to copy or pasting seems related to the presence of RDC installed on the system.

    Try a different keyboard. If the copy-paste shortcut is working in other programs but isn’t working in Word, perhaps the keys are being assigned a new one. To test your settings, you can go to File Options > Customize Ribbon Keyboard shortcuts – Modify.

    Check for updates and that you’re running the most recent Word version of Word on your device. Click on the File – Account – Update Options – Update Now. Update Windows and Mac.

    Check your computer for any malware.

    Create a new profile for your user. The copy-paste issue shouldn’t affect your new account if your profile is damaged. Navigate in Settings, Accounts & Privacy – Family and other users and add a third party to the PC.

    Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software

    Reliable antivirus software is essential to your computer’s security, but sometimes, it can cause conflicts with your system, leading to ineffective duplicate and paste. To solve this issue, disable certain aspects of your antivirus for a while. If it does not help, turn it off completely.

    If this solves your issue, you should consider switching your antivirus program. A variety of options won’t affect your system but will provide an excellent level of security. If you’ve used this same security software for a long time and it’s not the reason.


    Microsoft Word is an essential piece of software which is extremely useful in working and all other Office things. Copy and paste are the most commonly used tools within Word. If they cease to function, then we can be in difficult situations.

    Windows 11 Creators Update brought several enhancements to the OS. However, many users aren’t happy with the changes and prefer an older version of Windows. One of the issues some users have experienced following the installation of this update is the Copy and Paste issue.

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