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Whoop vs Apple Watch: Which Is The Best Fitness Tracker?

    A lot of people track their exercise routines digitally by wearing smartwatches. Although you could use the smartwatch to track your fitness, the top brands available cost a lot. Fitness watches, in contrast, are less expensive.

    Let’s look at a comparison between a well-known smartwatch and a specific fitness wearable and see the one that is ideal in terms of fitness tracking — the Whoop band or the Apple Watch.

    These are the top five essential things you need to know about:

    • Apple Watch offers excellent fitness monitoring and decent sleep tracking. However, it cannot provide real-time insights other than showing information in its raw form. WHOOP, however, can help you connect aspects like diet, exercise, and intensities with fitness levels and overall health performance.
    • Apple Watch and WHOOP depend on the optical sensor for heart rate accelerometer and gyroscope for detecting sleep patterns and movement; however, WHOOP has additional sensors to provide greater precision.
    • WHOOP analyzes your heartbeat continuously at a sampling frequency of 100 times per second, unlike the Apple Watch, which only collects that information periodically during the day. It means WHOOP can better estimate your heart rate throughout the day and provides more accurate sleeping data.
    • WHOOP offers features unavailable on Apple Watch, such as Health Monitor, an everyday snapshot of five biometrics (blood oxygen saturation, heart rate variation, respiration rate, resting heart rate, and skin temperature). Health Monitor alerts you whenever these vital metrics are off the norm and could indicate an illness, excessive training, or possible issues you should be conscious of.
    • If you want a great smartwatch with decent fitness and sleep monitoring options, the Apple Watch is your best option. The WHOOP is your best choice if you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast. Sportsperson WHOOP is the best gadget of its type by a considerable margin.

    WHOOP Vs. Apple Watch: What’s the difference?

    WHOOP is a premium fitness monitor that tracks your heart rate, the number of steps made, and calories consumed. Additionally, it has an integrated alarm clock for monitoring your sleep.

    Apple Watch is a smartwatch that can receive applications and notifications on iOS devices. The watch has an accelerometer to assist in recording steps, a haptic motor for feedback (tapping the display), and an NFC for payments made wirelessly through Apple Pay Cash.

    Here is the main difference that distinguishes The Whoop and Apple smartwatches.


    Apple Watch The Apple Watch offers two new size cases (41 or 45mm), more displays for displaying data, and other functions like the brand new virtual keyboard. In addition, it’s waterproof for 50m. In addition to the touchscreen, a physical button and Apple’s digital interact with the software for your watch.

    Contrary to Apple, WHOOP doesn’t have an LCD, which makes the app extremely distinctive. It monitors in the background using an actual data readout but doesn’t display times. Although it’s not an option for everyone, it is a good choice for fashion and seasons without appearing excessively “techy.”

    The most important thing to consider is whether to choose an LCD or a smartwatch with no screen.


    In keeping with the concept, WHOOP does not have an extensive internal storage space like Apple watches. It operates mainly via a cloud-based platform. It constantly collects and transmits data through the Whoop App, allowing users to access it quickly.

    However, Apple watches are equipped with significant storage capacity, though the amount of storage depends on the particular model. Early models were limited to 8GB of memory. However, more recent models (such as Series 6 and Apple Watch SE) boast 32GB internal memory.


    Although both watches sports heart rate monitors mounted on their backs, only the Apple Watch featured a touch display. It acts as a timer and smaller app.

    The blacked-out display of the Apple Watch comes to life when you press the screen. However, Whoop isn’t a watch with a show. It’s an elastic band of cloth wrapped around your wearers’ wrists.


    One of the most notable differences between Whoop straps and Apple watches is their functions.

    In general, whoop is concerned with in-depth health data compared to the Apple watch, which is more of an application and communications device.

    The straps of Whoop can do what follows, while Apple watches can’t.

    Daily variation

    The band measures how much you work out daily and includes your fitness routine. A 0-21 scale measures the health of your heart.

    It immediately provides specific feedback on how much you’ve progressed in each training session.

    The rate of sleep

    The Whoop app monitors the amount of sleep you experience each night and breaks down the hours you sleep. After calculating your sleeping rate, the app offers a sleep coach that tells you the amount of sleep you’ll need daily.

    This information is derived from the tasks you do throughout the day.


    Whoop analyzes your information on your sleep patterns, strain breathing, heart, and strain rate and gives you an individual recovery score of 100 percent.

    This information will help you determine how your body will respond to specific tasks or whether you require rest for your entire day.


    Apple Watch Apple Watch alerts you whenever you receive a text message. It also lets you look at the text message and decide to answer. It is easy to use even when your phone isn’t nearby.

    The Find Phone feature

    Suppose you’re among those who lose their phone all the time. The feature will be helpful to people who like it. You need to click the “Find My Phone” button “Find my phone” and switch the phone ring to you until you find it.

    Alarm and a reminder

    Having your mobile near you while you sleep late at night is not recommended. The smartwatch is an ideal alternative. You can create reminders or alarms at your convenience. When you are in the middle of the night, you only have to tap the screen to display the date, time, text messages, and notifications.

    Battery Life

    Whoop: Efficiency at Its Core

    The battery life of Whoop is among the significant benefits. With a battery life of as long as five days after one charge, you can count on Whoop to track the data you’ve been keeping without interruptions in charging.

    Apple Watch: Balancing Features and Battery

    Apple Watch The Apple Watch typically needs to be charged daily, especially when using the smartwatch’s features. Though it could need more frequent charging, the versatility and features are worth the sacrifice.

    Price and Affordability

    Whoop: Subscription-Based Model

    Whoop is a subscription-based system in which users pay a per-month fee to use the hardware and application functions. It also offers frequent updates to hardware so that the total costs could cause concern for some customers.

    Apple Watch: One-Time Purchase

    Apple Watch The Apple Watch is available as an all-in-one purchase at varying costs based on the model type and feature. Although the initial cost could be more expensive, buyers don’t have to fret about subscription costs for the foreseeable future.


    However, Whoop has a different meaning. Apple Watch straps are wearables. They are two separate devices, each with its features.

    Apple Watch is a smartwatch; however, you can’t say that about those Whoop bands. If you’re considering any of these watches, be sure to think about their capabilities.

    Choose the Whoop band if you’re looking for a watch that tracks your health and your body’s activity. However, select the Apple watch if you require the crew to function in a more compact phone.

    If you want to go even further, choose two devices to wear together!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can WHOOP accomplish in a way that Apple can’t do?

    WHOOP offers you the “Optimal Strain” number based on how your body is recovering. Although Apple Watch Apple Watch needs the user to add Activity Rings to be functional, WHOOP lets you do things more gradually.

    What’s more important, the Apple Watch or WHOOP?

    They both have excellent sleeping tracking features. If you’re looking to use the smartwatch for specifically fitness tracking, then the WHOOP band is ideal for the job. To track metrics and additional features that come with the smartwatch (contactless payments, transferring messages and receiving telephone calls, getting notifications and notifications, etc. ) If you are looking for a smartwatch, then the Apple Watch is for you.

    What if I could wear a WHOOP along with an Apple Watch simultaneously?

    WHOOP can automatically sync activity with Apple Health and WHOOP. Anyone with a record of workouts on a smartwatch or training using bicycle computers or other applications for fitness and well-being can track their exercise and meditation habits. They can seamlessly sync with WHOOP. Apple Health.

    Does Apple track sleep the same way as the WHOOP band?

    Each smartwatch comes with in-depth sleep-monitoring capabilities. They offer data on every stage of sleep, relay how long you spent at each step, and also provide an overview of how long the rest you get.

    What can I do to dress a WHOOP or a conventional watch?

    If you are wearing the WHOOP Strap, place it on your wrist about 1 inch higher than the wrist bone (away from your hands).

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