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Who Can See Hidden Comments on Instagram?

    There are many methods to hide possibly offensive messages or comments demands that you would not like to be seen on Instagram.
    Anything that isn’t in violation of the Community Guidelines but may constitute inappropriate, rude, or insensitive (e.g., swear words, racial slurs, or frauds) is hidden through the Hidden Words set. Also, you can make a collection of terms, phrases, or numbers, as well as emojis that do not want to be hidden.
    Keep in mind that hidden comments will be part of your overall number of comments, and if the Comment or message has been hidden, the person who posted the Comment won’t even know.

    Can You View Hidden Comments On Instagram

    The short answer is no. You won’t be able to see hidden comments under the Instagram post. Only the owner of the post and the user of the post are able to view the hidden message.

    Instagram users now have the capability to exert greater control over interactions they have in their personal posts thanks to the introduction of a brand new privacy option called concealed comments.

    When comments are not visible on the posting, it’s made unreadable to all except for the author of the Comment as well as the author of the post and the Comment. Comments on your posts are curated with the aid of this useful software, which could also be used for managing spam or offending content.

    Unfortunately, Instagram does not include an option that could be utilized for this reason in the application itself. If a user opts not to show the Comment they leave on their blog, the post is transformed into an anonymous one. In addition, Instagram will respect the privacy settings set by the individual who made the choice.

    If you’re looking for Instagram’s official Instagram capabilities, it means that users are often in a bind if you try to discover secret comments left on Instagram pictures of users. Since the app places an emphasis on the users’ Privacy as well as the power that they enjoy over their experience, It is crucial to respect their choices.

    Who is able to see the hidden comments on Instagram?

    Answer: The user who wrote the secret Comment, as well as the account owner of the Instagram account on which the message was made, can view it while other Instagram users won’t.

    The Instagram account proprietor, or the individual who first published the post, is the sole user with access to private comments posted on Instagram.

    The user maintains complete control and visibility over any comments, even comments that are configured to remain hidden. These comments appear on their blog posts. They are able to reveal the comments anytime; they are accessible to everyone who visits the blog that is in question.

    The person who wrote the Comment is the other category of people who are able to see private comments. Most often, they can view their own comments regardless of whether the account owner decides to conceal the Comment.

    The commenter may not be able to see the comments of others when they use offensive expressions or words in the comments or if the post author has included objectionable words or phrases in the”customized words and phrases section in the settings to hide comments.

    What happens when you block Instagram comments?

    Prior to addressing the main issue, how do you conceal Instagram comments?

    Let’s talk about what happens if you don’t post comments on Instagram.

    Does the person who is not in contact with you know?

    When you hide a person’s comments, Instagram doesn’t notify them. Therefore, they don’t have any means of knowing that you’ve concealed their comments. They can, however, read the Comment you made on your post in the Instagram application.

    Are other users able to discern the secret message?

    It’s important to keep in mind that if you cover a comment, others won’t be able to see it, hence the term”hidden Comment.

    Are you able to see the hidden message?

    There are hidden comments on your blog. However, you’ll be able to view them inside the app’s preview. If you’d like, you could remove the Comment.


    This is how to hide offending comments from your Instagram post.

    Step 1: Tap your profile to the lower right corner and then select the hamburger menu option located in the upper right-hand corner.

    Step 2: Click on Settings.

    Step 3: Now click on Privacy.

    Step 4: Tap on Hidden Words.

    Step 5: Now, select the switch to Hide Comments. The feature hides remarks that could be offensive in a distinct area of your blog posts.

    Tips: You may switch on the option for advanced comment filtering, which will remove offending comments.

    Step 6: If you would like to create custom words, in order for Instagram to consider the words offensive and block posts with such terms, you can tap ‘Manage custom phrases and words.’

    Step 7: Include the offensive phrases and words.

    Step 8: Turn off the toggle to hide comments in the ‘Custom Words for comments and messages’ Option.

    Thus, it will remove any offensive remarks from your blog. You can also see hidden comments underneath your blog post. However, what happens if you’d prefer to cover up comments under your blog article without anyone? It’s also possible! Check out our next article.

    How to hide comments on INSTAGRAM without the user even knowing HOW TO HIDE COMMENTS ON INSTAGRAM WITHOUT THE SENDER

    Learn how to use the limit feature to conceal particular comments in your Instagram post. In this way, it will mean that only the person sending the message can see the message, but not other users.

    Step 1: In the Comment portion of your Instagram post, tap the icon with three dots.

    Step 2: Click Manage Comments.

    Step 3: You’ll have the ability to pick the comments. Choose the Comment that you wish to block.

    Step 4: Click Restrict, then select Restrict Account to verify.

    It will block their accounts on your account. To learn more, check out our guide on Instagram restrictions.

    There were a variety of options to delete comments from the IG post. If you decide to delete the Comment but want to keep it in place, go to the next step.

    How do you delete a person’s comments on your Instagram blog post?

    Other than your own personal Comment, you can only control one other kind of Comment, which is that you’re in total control of comments made by your blog posts.

    Following are the steps for deleting a comment made on an Instagram post:

    • Open Instagram.
    • Go to the post you’d like to delete.
    • Swipe left over the Comment.
    • Click the trash can’s red button.
    • The steps above will erase all comments in your Instagram posting for good. Once you press that button, it will be impossible to locate them later.

    Examining the Benefits and Drawbacks Of Secret Comments

    Another important factor to be considered when analyzing the benefits and negatives of censoring remarks that are in violation of community rules is the possible impact on the right to free speech as well as the variety of viewpoints. The ability to hide such remarks is a good idea to maintain an open and friendly online community. It protects people from hate speech, harassment, or offensive material, creating a safe place to interact. Through the removal of harmful remarks, promotion of an atmosphere of inclusion, and fostering of meaningful discussion. But there are disadvantages to be considered as well. Hidden comments can hinder the exchange of differing opinions and can thwart discussions that are healthy. There are concerns over Privacy and the risk of bias in moderating. Finding a way to balance protecting the Privacy of users while preserving the right to free speech is an issue; however, it’s essential to create a safe digital ecosystem.

    How do you hide comments on Instagram?

    If you’re looking to de-hide the comments and then let people access the hidden comments, this is the procedure to follow.

    Method 1. Directly from comments

    Take the steps necessary to remove every single Comment you want to unhide:

    • Find the specific post and then open the comment section, scroll to the bottom, and then click View Comments that have been hidden.
    • Tap Unhide beneath the Comment you want to hide and then tap Unhide for a second time to confirm.

    Method 2. Via Instagram Settings

    It’s possible to delete the words you have set previously to conceal the comments. The steps are as follows:

    • Follow this path to Settings and Privacy > Secret words > Manage your custom phrases and words.
    • Tap to the Tap to open your menu choices.
    • Choose the word that you wish to exclude from filtering by tapping the delete icon beside the word you want to remove.

    How to turn off comments on your Instagram Story

    However, Instagram stories do not allow comments. Instagram doesn’t allow users to post comments. However, they allow you to respond to the post via email. It is possible to switch off this feature. The steps are:

    • In the Settings and Privacy menu of Instagram, scroll to the bottom and select Messages or Story Responses.
    • Click on Story Reactions and then select Do not allow Story replies.

    It is also possible to permit the followers to reply to reply if you prefer.

    Our guide has hopefully helped to turn off the commenting on Instagram and also learn more about the people who are able to see them. If you have any questions or ideas for us, submit them in the comment box. Be sure to check back at TechCult for additional tricks and tips.

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