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Which Celebrity Has Worked at Mcdonald’s?

    Awe-inspiring to the fullest These true-life tales of people who went from burger flipping into fame and professional success prove that humble beginnings don’t have to be an obstacle to success. Being a night shift worker at the drive-through might not be the most common first step towards success professionally, but for these celebrities, this certainly didn’t keep them from following their dreams. In some instances, it pushed their careers.

    In a way, when looking back at their workdays at McDonald’s, These 20 famous people have their memories of the day. Some were dissatisfied while others remember how much they enjoyed it!

    It’s also fascinating to consider the lessons these celebrities and high-achieving athletes have taken from the Mickey D shift time. In some instances, the lessons learned shaped lasting values that stars still have even today. The main takeaway was to be as of the fryer’s frying pan as you can. Others employed at the MacDonald’s remember it as a part-time job before their professional career began.

    In a couple of other instances, being employed at MacDonald’s also played a part in launching them into their next phase of fame and prosperity.

    Rachel McAdams

    Before landing her role as The Plastics’ queen bee Rachel McAdams “had an up-and-coming life in a small town,” she told The New York Times. “I worked for McDonald’s in the town of McDonald’s during three consecutive years. I’m not sure why they chose to keep me. I’m something of a daydreamer and dawdler. So they let me be the “friendly voice” that welcomed you each time you went into in the establishment,” McAdams said to the newspaper. “I was slow – I was making the sweet and sour packs in the take-out bags of customers as the line snaked towards the exit.”

    Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Numerous Tony Winner of the Multiple Tony Awards Lin-Manuel Miranda worked the cash register at McDonald’s before becoming a star on Broadway. Miranda revealed the details of his Big Mac past when the hashtag #first7jobs was trending on Twitter in 2016.

    Jay Leno

    In the 1970s, Jay Leno offered his guests one dollar per 15 hamburgers and ten servings of fries at McDonald’s located in Andover, Massachusetts. We cannot confirm whether he influenced the menu for dollars thirty years afterward.

    Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan used his experience in McDonald’s to find a part-time job in restaurants on Capitol Hill to earn extra cash. Perhaps he’s not a total foodie, but the politician switched his part-time employment to fitness coaching as his second interest over time.

    Rachel McAdams

    Rachel McAdams worked at McDonald’s for three years. “I was not the best employee, and I had a problem with the orange juice machine one time,” she told Glamour magazine.

    Jeff Bezos

    Even at the age of 16, Jeff Bezos was as determinedly efficient in his time as the famous Amazon founder. “One of the greatest benefits I received from my job was that I could break eggs with just one hand. My most favorite shift was on the Saturday morning shift,” he said to Fast Company about his cook job at the Miami McDonald’s as a high schooler. “I would take a huge bowl and break 300 eggs into it.”

    Andrew Dornenburg

    A talented cookbook writer and culinary enthusiast, Andrew Dornenburg is another successful author who began his path to success in the kitchen of a McDonald’s. While there, he worked in the fry station and the grill station, and at the shake station.

    This experience in the workplace led to more jobs in the industry, such as waiting tables or preparing meals for large groups. This, in turn, led the chef across the country to New York, where he received a scholarship to the School for American Chefs.


    The “Kiss from a Rose” performer admitted to The Guardian in the Guardian that he utterly hated his job in The golden arches. “The most miserable job I’ve ever had was working at McDonald’s situated in Kentish Town,” he told the newspaper. “I was 16 and they handed me an uniform which was 2 sizes too big. I stayed there for two weeks, until I earned my first pay cheque, and after that I was gone.”

    Macy Gray

    While Macy Gray preceded her soulful singing career with her burger stacking, she was also featured in the McDonald’s commercial. “I was a McDonald’s crew member, and there’s a lot beyond working in McDonald’s than most people realize,” she said in the press release. “The excitement, the action people and the sense of achievement — it was truly my first big break!”

    Andrew Card

    Andrew Card is another successful person who began his work life flipping burgers in McDonald’s.

    And it wasn’t an opportunity to work during the summer months when he was in high school. Andrew Card worked at McDonald’s for several years when at college, and the summer position he worked in was garbage collection. Given his dedication and hardworking approach, it is not surprising to think that Andrew Card ended up managing essential matters.

    Shania Twain

    During her high school days, the country singer worked in the McDonald’s restaurant located in Ontario, Canada. In the evening, she would frequent bars to sing, according to Us Weekly.


    “Sometimes I imagine that I’m back in the same place, broken in a job at McDonald’s. It’s like the most terrifying nightmare, since I wouldn’t wish to return there. I’ve put in a lot of effort to get the position I’m in,” Pink said to The Bosh. Maybe the pop star’s roles as a host at Pizza Hut and Wendy’s served her well.

    James D’Arcy

    James D’Arcy, better known as the butler in Agent Carter, must’ve picked his incredible food service skills while working in the restaurant McDonald’s at the time in England.

    Pharrell Williams

    Pharrell Williams wasn’t “Happy” when he attempted to get by at McDonald’s and had to be fired three times! “I am lazy, and I was very lazy,” he said during Late Night, With Seth Meyers, saying that the one job he excelled at was eating McNuggets. In a surprising twist of things, the producer co-wrote the “I’m Loving It” song a few years later.

    Chris Sabo

    A former player in baseball, Chris Sabo batted professionally and worked behind in the counter of a McDonald’s situated in Tampa, Florida. If you want to know more interesting facts, make sure to check out these 30 crazy McDonald’s Facts that Will Astonish your mind.

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