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Where To Watch Wonder Egg Priority

    Japanese animation studio CloverWorks continues its anime success with Wonder Egg Priority. The new series, which premiered this week on Japanese television, centres on a teenage girl who discovers a mysterious egg capable of making all her dreams come true. Who needs a genie when you have a magic egg?

    Despite its unconventional title, Wonder Egg Priority is already creating quite a stir among anime fans, many of whom are confused about watching the new series. So, where can I watch Wonder Egg Priority?

    What is Wonder Egg Priority

    CloverWorks, an animation studio in Japan, continues its success with Wonder Egg Priority. The new series, which aired this week on Japanese television, follows a teenage girl discovering mysterious eggs to help her achieve all her goals. But, of course, you don’t need a genie to have a magical egg.

    Wonder Egg Priority’s unusual title is still causing quite the stir among anime fans. Many of them are confused as to how to watch this new series. Wonder Egg Priority can be viewed online.

    What is Wonder Egg Priority

    Wonder Egg Priority, a beautifully animated anime about psychological fantasy, is available. Ai Otto’s struggle with grief after her best friend, Koito. Ai is in despair when a mysterious entity convinces her to buy a Wonder Egg. After breaking the egg, you wake up in a world where he protects the “dead daughter” of the spirits and demons of enormous monsters. Ai is initially reluctant to take on the task but believes that the hearts of those who are dead will bring back her best friend.

    Wonder Egg Priority anime is different from the usual fantasy action anime. The series balances action sequences with the inner psychological turmoil of our main character, but it doesn’t diminish either. These two themes combine to make an engaging and thought-provoking anime.


    Japanese fans can live-stream Wonder Egg Priority on Japanese television networks, including Nippon TV and Sapporo Television Broadcasting. Am I not in Japan? You don’t need to go to Japan to find Wonder Egg Priority streaming on Funimation. It is an anime-centric streaming service. You can find out more about Wonder Egg Priority on Funimation.

    Wonder Egg Priority Online Watch

    Funimation allows you to watch Wonder Egg Priority online. They have acquired the streaming rights to the anime series in North America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. An active Funimation subscription is required to watch the new episodes.

    What happened with Wonder Egg Priority’s end?

    Quickly, Neiru finishes her wonder egg mission. However, she is ultimately lost. The other girls discover that they no longer know the rescued friends they have saved. Ai temporarily leaves the wonder-egg fighting season of her childhood but returns to continue fighting.

    Wonder Egg Priority on Funimation

    Wonder Egg Priority can only be seen on Funimation. If you’re on a paid plan, you will be able only to view the new episodes as they become available.

    A 14-day free trial will allow you to determine if this platform is right for your needs. After that, subscriptions start at $5.99 per calendar month. Although you can watch for free, each episode will not be available until one week after its original release.

    The English subtitles are currently not available for the show at the moment. However, Funimation’s simuldubs are well-known, so Wonder Egg Priority will likely receive a dub soon.

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