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What Time Does The Post Office Close

    United States Postal Service, USPS in short, is an independent organization that is part of the U.S federal government responsible for the postal service within the United States. The USPS has been serving the citizens of the U.S for quite some period. It is now delivering packages and mail to nearly every home within the U.S. To meet various needs, it provides diverse types of services and options. For example, if you need your mail to arrive quickly, it provides Priority Mail Express Service, and if you wish your mail to be delivered with no deadline or time limitation, it is possible to choose to use the Standard Post.

    USPS provides a range of services that can meet different kinds of requirements. If you’re looking to make your order or need USPS to deliver any parcel or mail, you can visit your nearest post office. However, before going to any post office, knowing the USPS operating hours is important. The services determine these U.S Postal Service hours.

    Post Office Hours:
    Post office hours are crucial to know the operating hours at the postal office to effectively coordinate and manage the delivery time and the sending of letters/packages. Therefore, the next question is determining the US postal office hours. For general purposes, USPS the hours of operation are 8.30 am to 5.00 midnight. However, hours could differ from county to county. A good example can be found below:

    Bay Ridge Post Office, located at 5501 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220, is open daily between 9.00 AM and 5.00 pm.
    Highbridge Post Office, located at 1315 Inwood Ave, Bronx, NY 10452, is open from 8.00 AM to 5.00 pm.
    Arlington Post Office, located at 3500 Dolfield Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215, is open between 10.00 am to 4.30 at night.
    Baltimore Post Office located at 990 E Fayette St. Rm. #118 Baltimore, MD 21233 operates between 8.30 AM to 7.00 midnight.
    Prattville Post Office, located at 502 Greystone Way, Prattville, AL 36066, is open between 8.30 AM to 5.30 5

    As can be seen from the above as you can see from above, USPS office hours vary for each county and state. Additional information can be found through the official website of the United States Postal Service. The site provides comprehensive details on the name of Post office address, addresses, PO Box numbers, and opening and closing times for all states and their principal cities.

    It is essential to be aware of the opening and closing hours of the post office so that you can plan your time or go to the post office as per the hours of operation for the post office. There is a particular timeframe to perform any particular job at the postal office. For instance, the retail hours for the post office are from 9 am to 7:15 pm. The Passport Appointment Hours are 10:00 to 5:00 pm.

    The next question is how to discover the hours of operation for the post office. The hours of the post office differ. The typical retail hours for every post office are between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. However, as we’ve said earlier, the hours can vary. Therefore, to determine the specific USPS times, you can utilize one of the methods provided through the post office themselves.

    What are the services that the Post Office offers?
    The US Postal Service offers various services, such as Post Office Box rentals.

    You can purchase shipping supplies and weigh and classify postage for parcels and envelopes.

    There is also a change of address (COA) service. Post Office also offers a change of address (COA) service and the sale of money orders, both being the type of payment.


    This is only a tiny look at the services offered by United States Postal Services. The operating hours of each center are different and customized to meet the needs of the particular population, region of operation, and geographical area. Utilizing any of the three methods, you can determine the hours of business of each USPS center. If general timing information is required, Google Maps can be used. For more specific information about operation timings at any specific USPS center, this information can be found by entering the zip code or searching for the city and state. While there are others in the market and fierce competition, the USPS is an affordable, top-quality service. With its wide reach across the nation, companies and individuals can benefit from this organized sector and improve their chances of success.

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