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what sound does a giraffe make

    What kind of Sound can a giraffe produce? The majority of people don’t know that these animals have no noise!

    The Giraffe is the highest animal species that can reach 19 feet! They are a gentle giant native to Africa and as heavy as 2600 pounds. Giraffes are herbivores that spend most of their time eating leaves off trees. Their necks are long necks that allow them to reach green leaves that other mammals cannot reach.

    Giraffes are very noisy and are heard to call out to one another from more than one mile away.

    Their calls vary from soft buzzing sounds to roars of thunder according to the circumstances. This blog will look at the various sounds giraffes produce and their meaning. Be sure to check back for more exciting facts about the most massive land animal on earth!

    Are Giraffes physically capable of making Sound?

    Giraffes can produce Sound; in other words, they have a larynx with vocal cords.

    But due to their small trachea (windpipe) and neck that is long (6.6-7.9 feet /2-2.4 meters) and the comparatively small lung capacity, it’s challenging to generate enough airflow that can vibrate their vocal cords.

    Are you looking to find Giraffe Sounds on the Serengeti?

    The true nature of wildlife can’t be discovered in a zoo. So I focused my sights on the Serengeti. The Serengeti is where I can see the most spectacular wildebeest migration and, as I traveled, take a recording of the sounds of the Giraffe. I even bought a handheld audio recorder for the trip.

    However, I was on a tight budget, and our tour guides were ineffective. We stumbled across an encampment of lions that cost me one day. The next day, the focus was lost on his cell phone. He nearly tripped over the Giraffe’s tower.

    Adult Giraffes Whoosh!

    Adult giraffes seldom make sounds that humans can hear; however, they have vocal cords that can create Sound. The trachea of a giraffe measures thirteen inches (4 meters) long, which means that making noise will be more complicated for this species than for animals with shorter tracheas. Giraffes of adulthood remain quiet. However, it is a myth. Bioacoustics research has proven that adult giraffes utilize infrasound; the Sound is too low for humans to hear. Elephants have an identical communication system that is inaudible to human ears.

    Adult Giraffes push air through their long tracheas and via the larynx (voice box). If detectable to humans, their Sound is likely to be squealing “PSSHHH!” When it is recorded using specially designed equipment, the giraffes are observed with their necks extended and chatting with each other as the infrasonic Sound is made.

    The Giraffe tapes

    Researchers obtained data from giraffes from three zoos: Berlin, Copenhagen, and Vienna. Many hours’ worth of recorded audio was recorded of the giraffes. The recordings were typically recorded in the dark at night and included recordings made outside during daylight. The researchers then looked over the audio recordings for acoustic patterns resembling communications.

    The majority of recordings didn’t show the vocalization pattern. According to the research team in their research paper: “exploring giraffe vocal communication was slow, laborious and extremely difficult.”

    Tedious possibly but ultimately worth it. In the countless recorded hours, researchers discovered a few instances of vocal patterns that may be used as communication between the giraffes based on their acoustic design.

    What is the Sound produced by the Giraffe?

    Giraffes are famous for their quiet nature and don’t have the full range of vocals. The researchers described the animals as tolerant, stating in the BMC’s research notes that the most common sound patterns discovered so far include a giraffe bleating. Popping, coughing, growing or growling, weakness, moaning, mooing, Snoring, sneezing, and sniffing.

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