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what is under armour heatgear

    Under Armour claims to be the leading brand in heat dispersion, keeping you cool and more comfortable than any other underwear.

    It’s costly and difficult to say if it works.

    Also, try The Wal-Mart Athletic Works moisture-wicking shirt.

    This summer has been hotter this summer than Casey Stoner’s Desmosedici. A prolonged drought has yet to help. Therefore, it has become a top priority to find cool clothing.

    L.S., an old webBikeWorld customer, sent me a few words during my search. She recommended Under Armour HeatGear Metal-wicking undies as the best choice. The comments section below contains parts of our virtual conversation.

    Under Armour has been flying off the shelves. It’s reaching people who need it and those who don’t. It’s The Next Big Thing. Under Armour has become a hot item, if you’ll forgive the pun. Under Armour gear, no longer for locker room brutes, is hot and in demand.


    This product is a great choice. It has tight compression that doesn’t limit movement, and its moisture-wicking technology keeps it from getting sweaty. The product stays fresher for longer due to the anti-odour technology and strategically placed ventilation panels. One problem I found was that the top’s hem could roll up, exposing your midriff. Also, I don’t love working out in crop tops! You can easily solve this problem by tucking your top into your shorts. However, fashion-conscious athletes might have reservations.

    What is Under Armour Heat Gear, and how can it help you?

    First of all, what is Under Armour HeatGear?

    Under Armour, HeatGear has always been a company that invents to help athletes succeed. Now they have a line of products made from a durable, lightweight fabric that dries quickly and dries quickly.

    UA HeatGear was designed to keep you cool and dry during any hot weather exercise.

    HeatGear is used in many of their products. I have several leggings, tops, and other garments made of fabric. Based on these alone, my Under Armour headgear review is very positive.

    I love the lightweight and stretchiness of these leggings. If you’ve ever tried to do a track workout in tight leggings, I know what you mean.


    Die bis heute innovative HeatGear(r)-Technologie ist bezeichnend fur ihr maximales Feuchtigkeitsmanagement. Sie transportiert bei korperlicher Anstrengung entstehende Feuchtigkeit vom Korper nach aussen, die an der Oberflache verdampft und fur einen kuhlenden Effekt auf der Haut sorgt. Eine speziell gearbeitete Struktur der Fasern macht dieses moglich.

    Sportwear mit UNDER ARMOUR HeatGear(r) kommt zum Einsatz bei Temperaturen uber 15 degC . Der aus synthetischem Material hergestellte Stoff ist sehr dunn und leicht und dementsprechend atmungsaktiv. Ausserdem trocknet er extrem schnell. Mit der Anti-Odor-Funktion ausgestattet verhindert HeatGear(r) ebenfalls das Wachstum von Bakterien und hemmt somit die Geruchsbildung. Dank dieser originellen Innovation ist auch beim Sport in der heissen Sommersonne starkes Schwitzen kein Thema mehr.

    Under Armour, Heatgear Is the Perfect Warm Weather Workout Gear

    Another great reason that the Under Armour Heatgear Armour Comp Long sleeves is so popular is the best. Because it wicks away moisture from the body, it is great. The sweat will evaporate, leaving you with a pleasant cool breeze. You’ll be able to push yourself harder when you exercise.

    The Under Armour Heatgear Armour Comp Long Sleeve is so popular for its durability. This is no small feat. UA produces clothes that can withstand any workout. You won’t have to worry about any splitting or tearing. For a while, this will be your best friend.

    Bottom line:

    Avoid the Nike Hypercool Short Compression Short for many of those same reasons. If you love running-tight shorts, please let me know if you own a pair.

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