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What Is My MacBook Pro Launch Year?

    There are a variety of ways you will be able to recognize the MacBook model. Continue reading to find out about them.
    Apple has a complete listing of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models on its site. Once you’ve figured out your MacBook’s particular model, you’ll be in a position to find it on the list and find out more information regarding your machine.

    What Year Is My MacBook Pro? [Quick Answer]

    It is possible to determine the year you purchased the year of your MacBook Pro by checking the serial number of the Mac or in its About This Mac section on the computer.

    To locate your Mac serial number just click to open the Apple logo menu located in the left-hand right-hand corner, click About This Mac, and you will see your Mac serial number within this display.

    If you look up the model number on the Internet, you will be able to determine the year you purchased your MacBook Pro model.
    Keep in mind that if the MacBook Pro has been modified or upgraded it’s possible that the year of its manufacture may not reflect the present condition.

    Find Your Mac’s Model and Year in the Apple Menu

    Apple employs the year and the date to differentiate between every MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini models. There are, for instance, distinctions between the MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2020) as well as the MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2020). Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the year the MacBook Pro was first launched.

    Similar to the way that both the 2019 and 2020 MacBook Air look the same the latter is an entirely different device. If you follow the instructions in this article, you will be able to determine which year the Mac model was first introduced. It’s not the year you bought the Mac However, it will identify the year that this model first came out.

    This is how you can determine the year and model of the computer you own: MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini:

    • If you have a MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini, select the Apple menu that is located in the upper left corner.
    • Then, select About This Mac from the drop-down menu.
    • You’ll see your Mac’s model and the year of its manufacture. It is possible to click More Info for details like the resolution of the display, storage capacity the status of coverage, and much more.

    As an example in the above image, it is clear that the model’s name is Mac mini (M1 2020) The year that it was released was 2020. Be aware that the year 2020 could be different than the year that you purchased the Mac. M1 is the abbreviation for Mac mini. M1 indicates this Mac mini is part of Apple’s M1 range of Macs.

    The tab on the same page will offer you an essential outline of the key specs of the Mac which includes your Apple silicon, or Intel chip model, as well as the capacity of memory and storage. These details are on the Support page of Apple.

    The number of serial numbers displayed is exclusive to the Mac You should not divulge it to any other third-party, except Apple.

    If you’re looking to buy a brand new Mac take a look at our advice on what Mac best fits your needs for the most appropriate decision.

    How to Find the Year of Your MacBook Pro

    Knowing the year in which the MacBook Pro was made is quite simple and there are many options to consider.

    When you’ve figured out the year as well as the Mac model You can determine the value of your laptop and what it could be worth. You can also determine the software that is compatible or is not compatible with the machine you have.

    Let’s get started.

    Method 1: Via the Apple Menu

    The most straightforward method to find out the year of manufacture of the MacBook Pro is by using the Apple Logo Menu.

    It is an easy procedure to access this information within the macOS interface, which lets you locate this data quickly and easily.

    This is how you can use the Apple menu to identify the details of your MacBook model:

    Click on the Apple icon, and then when the dropdown menu appears choose About This Mac. This will usually be the first choice on the menu.

    If you hit this link, you’ll see an image like:

    • It will provide you with various details regarding the details of your Mac which includes the model name(Model Name), OS processor, memory as well and the year. The year is listed in the first row, followed by the Mac model number or MacBook Model Name.

    Method 2: Using the Serial Number

    The serial number is typically located on the back of the MacBook Pro. It’s not always visible, but if you examine it closely, you’ll be able to see the serial number.

    It is also possible to find the serial number inside the About This Mac window:

    Once you have found your serial numbers, note the number down, or snap an image to refer to and follow these instructions:

    • You can visit Apple’s Check coverage page using the serial number of your Mac to determine the year.
    • You may be required to sign in using the Apple ID before proceeding. It is possible to use any Apple ID, and it’s not necessary to have the same Apple ID that’s already signed into your Mac.
    • After that, type or paste the serial number of your Mac into the appropriate text box.
    • You must enter the CAPTCHA code, then click”Continue.
    • This tool will show the year and model of the Mac.
    • Its Apple Check Device Coverage page provides additional pertinent information about your Mac like the status of its warranty, AppleCare+ coverage, and much more.
    • If these steps don’t work You can find the model of your MacBook using the data found on Apple’s support site. It is also possible to contact support via Apple’s Support application to find the information you need.

    MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/MacBook models as of the year

    Final Thoughts

    Understanding the year of manufacture of the MacBook Pro is important for questions regarding warranty compatibility, software compatibility and making decisions regarding upgrade options or the sale of your MacBook Pro. It is easy to determine your year by looking up your serial number or about this mac section.

    Knowing the calendar helps to stimulate curiosity, influence upgrade decision-making, and help determine the worth of your gadget in the event of trading or selling.

    Take into consideration other elements such as conditions, specifications, as well as the market’s demand to determine its value. Keep yourself informed and make smart selections using the MacBook Pro.

    Which year was the last time the year your MacBook Pro was made? Are you thinking about updating your MacBook Pro shortly?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to use the serial number to find out the year I purchased the MacBook Pro?

    Yes, you can use the serial number to figure out the year you purchased the year of your MacBook Pro. Just look for the serial number on the back of the MacBook Pro or in the About This Mac window. Then, use it on the Check Coverage page of Apple to find out the year.

    What else information could I find from Apple’s Check Device Page on Coverage with your serial number?

    It is possible to obtain additional information via Apple’s Device Coverage page by using your serial number. The Check Device Coverage page offers further information on the MacBook Pro, including warranty status, AppleCare+ coverage, and much more, when you use the serial number.

    How does the year of the year of my MacBook Pro affect software compatibility?

    The year that you bought year you purchased your MacBook Pro can affect software compatibility. The older models might not be compatible with the most recent macOS versions. Therefore, knowing the year that it was manufactured helps to determine the need for an upgrade or more recent model to be compatible with the most recent operating software.

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