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What Happens When You Mute Someone On Twitter?

    You follow someone who frequently clutters your News Feed with annoying tweets. Sometimes, you may not want someone to follow you on Twitter anymore, but you do not want them to be offended in front of others. You may be wondering how to silence someone on Twitter. What will happen when someone gets muted?

    For example, if someone is close to you or a family member, contact them periodically to learn their thoughts. This may appear excessive. Blocking someone on Twitter will also prevent you from communicating with that person.

    It is possible to silence someone on Twitter to prevent having to listen to their constant tweetstorms. What do you get when you mute someone?

    The mute option allows you to stop receiving tweets from specific accounts without following or blocking them. It’s possible to unmute a particular statement at any given time.

    How Can I Mute Someone on Twitter?

    Twitter has two options for muting someone. These are their profile and their tweets. Use whichever option is more convenient because both methods have proven to work.

    To mute someone, the first step is to open their profile. When you are on the person’s profile page, click on “Following”, the button with the three dots.

    There will be a menu. Choose “Mute” in the drop-down menu. After clicking the “Mute” option, you will silence the user.

    Also, you can quickly silence a person from their tweet. For this, click the three dots in the top right corner of the Tweet you wish to mute.

    There will now be a menu. Choose “Mute” in the menu.

    You will silence the selected user after clicking the “Mute” Button.

    You can now Mute your Twitter account.

    Twitter allows people to express themselves in a limited way, so long as the content doesn’t include hate speech, harassment or anything else that is against its policies.

    Twitter can become annoying when people tweet incessantly or trigger sensitive issues. Some Twitter accounts thrive by using these. Fortunately, the Mute feature is there.

    Twitter allows you to mute accounts you follow and those you don’t. The mute feature on Twitter allows you to remove someone from your timeline without unfollowing the person or blocking their account.

    Knowing that you softened them, You will never have to worry about the person you muted. And you can always unmute without them even realizing.

    Twitter allows you to keep track of who has been muted. This way, you can go back and unmute the person if need be. You can silence and unmute a mobile account or desktop.

    How to Mute Someone on Twitter

    • Visit the user’s Twitter profile you’d like to silence.
    • To activate the 3-dot menu, click or tap on it.

    Mobile: It is located in the top left corner.

    The two buttons on the desktop are located to the left of the button “Follow”.

    • Then select “Mute”.

    Twitter Mute an account

    It is possible to mute a user’s account from a Twitter message or profile.

    Method #1: Muting Tweets

    To mute a Tweet, please follow the steps below:

    • The person’s Twitter handle can be found by searching for it.
    • Tap on the 3-dots icon next to the tweet.
    • You can also click on “Mute” to mute a user.

    Method #2: Muting a Profile

    To mute someone directly through their profile, you can follow these instructions:

    • Open the Twitter app.
    • You can navigate to the profile page by clicking on the name.
    • To access the site, tap the icon with three dots at the top.
    • The menu will show “Mute”.
    • You can confirm your confirmation by tapping “Yes” on the screen.
    • It will pop up a confirmation that you have muted this person.

    Unmute Someone on Twitter:

    To unmute someone, go to their profile and click on the three dots icon beside the “Follower” button. A drop-down menu appears. Choose “Unmute”. A window asking for confirmation will pop up.

    After clicking on the Unmute button, you will see the unmuted user. Now, you will be able to see the tweets of that user and their retweets on your timeline.


    This is an easy way to stop seeing someone’s Tweets without blocking or unfollowing them. This can be useful if you don’t wish to be wholly separated from someone and want a short break. The filter can also exclude tweets you do not wish to.

    Please use it responsibly to prevent any miscommunications or hurtful feelings. With these tips, you can quickly silence someone on Twitter without thinking twice.

    Twitter Mute FAQ

    Can you see tweets when you mute someone?

    Yes. They can check them whenever they like.

    Can you tell when someone has muted your Twitter account?

    No. It’s impossible to know if a specific account muted you. The other way is to determine if a particular account has blocked you.

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