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What Does YKYK Mean

    Since the dawn of the digital age, using abbreviations and acronyms in online messaging has been a major hit in the world of online messaging.

    Oft used as a way to shorten the message’s length, many new acronyms have appeared like “lol”, “jk”, and “ykyk”.

    “ykyk” is an abbreviation that can be used interchangeably “ykyk”, is used often in informal, online writing.

    The first time it was used was in the latter half of 2016 The abbreviation has slowly gained more attention and recognition because the millennial generation and those to come are not a fan of the effort required to write each word in isolation.

    Utilizing acronyms and abbreviations, however, the time it takes to compose messages- particularly long ones- is reduced exponentially and thus has been able to draw the attention of a younger segment of the general population.

    What’s the significance of YKYK?

    The Internet is filled with slang words. So there’s no shortage of entries added to the English dictionary.

    YKYK is an abbreviation for “You Know You’re at College.” when…” …” It was coined by the comedian Mitch Hedberg but has been a cult phrase on campuses of colleges. YKYK could refer to things ranging from you’ve consumed ramen noodles at every meal in your dorm or the fact that you realize your parents pay less attention to children than they are to you. If you’re contemplating or conducting any of the above activities, you can declare you’re a college student!

    Many people know that YKYK means “You Know You’re Kidding” However, not many know the actual significance of the term. The phrase was invented in 1983 by an ensemble of teenagers from Canada who were playing hangman when someone wrote “YKYK”. When they inquired what it meant, one replied, “you know you’re kidding.” They loved the phrase so much that they used it as their code word.

    Where IYKYK Comes From

    Contrary to many internet-related slang terms we discuss on this website, “IYKYK” is a new invention. The term “IYKYK” first was seen in the Urban Dictionary in December of 2016, well into the time of social media. The phrase began appearing on social media posts in the year before becoming an extremely popular acronym afterwards.

    One of the factors that helped bring the term into the mainstream was the song from 2018 by American artist Pusha T called “If You Know You Know.” In 2020, IYKYK became even more well-known due to an expanding TikTok hashtag, in which users create videos for particular groups. The hashtag peaked at the top of Google Trends in early 2020.

    Why is Using The Phrase “ykyk” not as simple as it Seems?

    The phrase “you know, you know” is generally a comedy that only a few people know about.

    Due to its high-profile use, the phrase can be easily used on the Internet, but like any abbreviation, there are indeed a few people who have not become used to its usage.

    It is therefore recommended to use acronyms only for communication with those who are used to these abbreviations.

    Furthermore, care must ensure that acronyms aren’t used excessively to avoid repeating and, ultimately, stagnation. Last but not least, acronyms shouldn’t be employed in oral communications to ensure no mishaps resulting from communication inconsistencies.

    How to Use the Acronym “ykyk.”

    The abbreviation “ykyk” is relatively easy to use in messages. In addition, due to its beautiful nature, it’s frequently utilized in captions and hashtags on social media platforms.

    Thus, it is not just the abbreviation used to make sentences but could be used as a “tag”, which other users use to search for images and posts with similar tags.

    Examples of situations using “alkyl” include:

    “OMG, last night’s party was crazy, if ykyk.”

    “LOL, I wonder why today’s quiz was so easy if ykyk”.

    How to Use IYKYK

    If you’re interested in using IYKYK create a social post that is subtle in its reference to an experience, event or interest that does not have a common interest. Do not divulge too much, or your posting will no longer be a fun and intimate connection between you and your friends.

    Here are some ways you can incorporate IYKYK into captions:

    “This excursion to Vegas was memorable. #IYKYK”

    “When the season finale turns out crazier than you expected, #iykyk.”

    “Well, I will never go on dating apps for the rest of my life. ICKY.”

    If you’re interested in learning about the other terms used online, look up our articles about TIHI, BRB, and TTYL.

    What do you know how did it come to be the Origin of on sky?

    On ykyk is a combination of two words, “you” and “yuck.” It’s an internet expression that usually conveys displeasure. Are you able to use ykyk as considered a swear word?. Yes, ykyk is a swear word.


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