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Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center

    Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL) is committed to providing top-quality primary care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay for it. You’ll be part of the healthcare team that places patients at the forefront of everything in our work, and our success depends on people like you who are a part of our mission.

    Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center

    The Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL) is a community-based dental, medical and psychological healthcare facility. UGL is classified as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). UGL provides comprehensive dental, medical and psychological health services without regard to gender, language, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, mental and mental capacity, religious belief, age or belief system, housing status and the ability to pay.

    Our Mission:

    The organization provides outstanding healthcare services to all Upper Great Lakes region residents regardless of their financial ability.

    We offer:

    • Primary Care Services
    • Behavioral Health Services
    • Pediatric Services
    • Women’s Health Services
    • Senior Health Care Services
    • Dental Services
    • Sports Injury Clinic
    • New Patients are Welcome! Make an appointment by calling.

    patient portal

    Activate your patient portal today! Patient Portal Patient Portal offers patients easy and secure access to health details online. The portal can be utilized to:

    • View and Send Health Records
    • View Visit Summaries
    • View Upcoming Appointments
    • View Lab Results
    • Display of diagnostic imaging results
    • Request a reservation
    • Request a prescription refill
    • Request a referral
    • receive reminders
    • Send and receive secure messages to the clinic team.
    • Contact us with any queries about your provider rather than calling our offices! The best part is, it’s free! The above features are free for Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center patients.

    Healthcare in the Future

    Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center (UGL) is dedicated to providing top-quality healthcare to all. UGL will continue to find innovative and innovative ways to offer healthcare services to those in need while ensuring the highest safety and security standards. Healthcare services of the highest quality will continue to be provided efficiently and inefficient ways that contribute to increasing the health and well-being of our members. Even though we don’t have a clear idea of what the future of healthcare services will appear like, be secure that UGL is committed to making every person’s health the top priority. We’re here to help your and your loved family’s health!

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