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Top 10 Languages In The United States

    In America, in the year 2019, around 78 percent (241 million) of the 308.8 million Americans over the age of five said they spoke only English at home, regardless of the place of birth.
    Tagalog is the second-most used language spoken in American homes (after Spanish and English), with 1.7 million native speakers.
    Other commonly used languages are Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, and French.

    What is the most frequently spoken language in the USA?

    There are seven languages spoken around the globe. Here are the top 10 languages that are the most widely spoken in the USA:


    The largest spoken language within the United States of America is the most popular, which is, naturally, English, with over 231 million people speaking it and a large number of people claiming it as the language of the state in the US.

    While it’s not the most commonly used language, it’s the most favored nation’s language. It’s a fancy way of saying having a status that is not officially recognized. The majority of everything is English, apart from specific districts within different states where many individuals from a particular cultural group can rule.


    Spanish is the second most popular language spoken in America, USA, increasing for several years. With the growing number of Spanish natives moving to the US, most services can be delivered in Spanish.

    The students at high schools are opting to study Spanish as a foreign language credit to learn how to converse with and communicate with the 37 million Spanish people who speak Spanish.

    Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, different kinds)

    The Gold Rush in the 1800s There were many Chinese migrants who emigrated to California hoping to hit gold. San Francisco became the first city to Chinatown. This refers to an area that has a large proportion of Chinese Americans.

    There need to be more speakers of the spoken language (3 million people); Chinese is still widely recognized within the USA and continues to grow in popularity.

    French and French Creole

    As the French were in control of the Louisiana area in the early 1700s, waves of French immigrants arrived along with their culture and language. When Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, French Creole was created.

    Many enslaved people were imported, and combining West African languages and traditional French resulted in a brand-new French language. It is much higher today than standard French users (1.3 million people speaking it) than French Creole speakers (700,000 speakers). This means that French is amongst the top widely spoken languages in the USA.


    Although it is widely spoken throughout the United States, Tagalog has lesser recognition than the other languages in this list of the most commonly spoken languages spoken in the United States. For those who have yet to be aware of the language, it’s said the Philippines as well as its standard variant called Filipino -is among the official languages of the nation.

    Most Filipinos within America reside in California; however, a significant portion of them are located in Hawaii and the New York City metropolitan area. It is believed that the Philippines was annexed by the United States in 1899, which meant that Filipinos were classified as “American nationals,” making migration less of a hassle. Numerous Filipinos were brought to America United States in the early 20th century to become farm laborers in Hawaii and California. Many Filipino migrants arrived between 1960 and 2013 for many motives, such as economic and educational opportunities and a sense embraced by government officials. Philippine government.


    The official language of Vietnam is among the most spoken across the US. It has more than 1.5 million Vietnamese natives, whose population is concentrated mainly in the States, including California and Texas.

    The vast number of residents who speak Vietnamese can be attributed to immigration into the US after the Vietnam War, which caused Vietnamese to seek asylum as well as reconnect with their families. After the Vietnam War ended 1975 in 1975, the US witnessed a 500% growth in Vietnamese speaking due to the South Vietnamese immigrants. The number is increasing to the present.


    Korean language, known as Hangul, is spoken at a rate of around 150 words per minute.

    Similar to Chinese, Korean also uses characters that do not translate into a unidirectional ratio between characters and words which allows for a lot of the data to be transmitted with less effort than a language like the English language. Voiceovers in these cases will produce shorter end-of-files.


    The spoken rate of the German German language is a mean of 171 words/minute. Francois Pellegrino at the University of Lyon in France has found German to be the second-lowest speaking rate, following Mandarin.

    The reason could be that German phrases usually contain more compound words, which can have the same meaning of information as English but with fewer words. English translated into German written scripts will ultimately lead to shorter final recorded minutes of completion compared to English recordings.


    Russian has a mean speaking rate of about 184 words per minute, so it is a slow language to master compared to English.

    Like other languages, such as Spanish, Russian speakers often “swallow syllables” by running words and then reducing the number of words they use per minute.


    At an average speed of about 188 words per minute, which is different depending on various regional variations of the language, Italian appears to be much quicker than it does.

    The syllable-timed language’s brief bursts of language could appear faster than they do to the ears of a stressed-out English user.

    The Most Spoken Languages in the USA

    If you’re not native to the US and plan to travel or relocate there at some point shortly, rest confident that your language won’t become a problem. Beyond our brief list, there are plenty of different languages used, and you’ll be sure to be able to locate a local community that is a part of your country’s language and culture.

    For those who aren’t fluent in another language besides English, it is possible to master one that we have listed! If it’s a language that is easy to master or one that is more challenging to master, learning a new language could expand your horizons for people who you would have never met.

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