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Top 10 IQs In The World

    The ability to think is the most highly sought-after human trait, and smart people have achieved extraordinary things around the globe. Which one of them is the smartest?
    Which person has the best IQ throughout history? This is a bigger question than the modern world could make you believe. Although you may need to be made aware of the material from pop culture we consume as a society, intelligence is among the highest-valued human characteristics. Yes, there are instances when smart children have their challenges at school. Athletics and fame play a significant role in this age group’s perception of social standing. In the real world, all individuals are interested in is how well they’ve accomplished it. A high level of ability is a huge benefit when you compare it to those who live on the high end of the curve, generally at the top.

    Jacob Barnett: IQ 170

    Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with moderate-to-severe autism when he was two. The doctors said that he would never master the art of tying his shoes himself. In the end, Jacob Barnett has mastered the task. The American kid prodigy completed his grades of 6-12 in just a few months before attending university at 10. He had a physicist published when he was 13 years old.

    Johann Goethe

    Johann Goethe was a German polymath who lived during the 1800s. He was the first to develop the science of chemistry in humans and came up with the first theory of evolution. Making him even more of an expert in everything, he is considered one of the most influential figures in Western literary history. The poetic play Faust was released in 1808 and continues to be studied and read today.

    James Maxwell

    With an estimated IQ score that ranges from between 190 and 205, James Maxwell was a mathematical physicist hailing from Scotland. Maxwell is best known for his work on the first theory that explains electromagnetic radiation. If Einstein was asked whether he would have taken Maxwell’s shoulders to Issac Newton to be successful, Einstein replied, “No, I stand on Maxwell’s shoulders.”

    Evangelos Katsioulis: IQ 198

    At 198, Evangelos Katsioulis, MD MSc MA Ph.D., is the top-rated IQ of any person in the world by the World Genius Directory. The Greek psychiatrist also earned doctorates in philosophy and medical research technologies.

    Marilyn Vos Savant – 190 IQ

    Marilyn Vos Savant was born in 1946. She started to become famous as a teenager when she was honored by Guinness as having the top IQ score in the year 1980. Her score of 190 points was the top IQ score.

    When Guinness recognized her, Marilyn Vos Savant became an acclaimed writer, releasing her book “Ask Marilyn” and “Annie’s Mailbox” in which people could ask questions about her and receive responses from her.

    Leonardo da Vinci – 190 IQ

    Like Albert Einstein, the experts in assessing IQ scores cannot determine an exact count of Leonardo’s IQ score due to the inadequate methods used to calculate IQ scores during his lifetime. But, experts have relied on ancient documents and his abilities in various disciplines, including the arts, and concluded that the IQ score could be somewhere between 180 and 190. Absolutely, with the vast heritage he left behind, his IQ scores were worthy enough to be the highest ranked on the planet.

    Leonardo da Vinci can be thought of as among the most notable scholars of the world (experts across a wide range of areas) as well as a clear illustration of the notion of “Renaissance Man.” Da Vinci was not just in art and sculpture but also gifted in music, mathematics and technology, geography, maps, and literature.

    Albert Einstein – 160 – 190 IQ

    Albert Einstein, the genius scientist who invented the concept of IQ, could not be determined since he never took the IQ test. But, specialists specializing in IQ scores estimated Albert Einstein’s IQ score to be somewhere between 160-190.

    Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. He was famous for his work on the theory of relativity. It was one of two theories that laid the foundation for the modern understanding of the science of physics. The scientist also participated in the development of nuclear fission, which caused him to be confused when he applied it to create nuclear weapons, particularly the atomic bomb.

    Sho Yano: IQ 200

    American doctor Sho Yano began school at nine and achieved an MD and a Ph.D. before he was 21. He began writing music at four but now focuses on child neurology. In case you’re curious about what it’s like to teach a genius, here’s the experience of having to train the genius.

    Stephen Hawking – 160 IQ

    Stephen Hawking was a famous physicist from England with the best IQ score. The man was popular for his popular science novels, particularly the one called “A Brief History of Time,” released in 1988. The book revealed his findings about theoretical physics. This included the creation of the massive explosion that was the “Big Bang.”

    “A Brief History of Time” has become one of the top-selling titles in the world, with the sale of 10 million copies. The book helped Stephen Hawking and his contribution to theoretical physics be acknowledged and led to the revolution in theoretical physical sciences in our knowledge.

    Nikola Tesla: IQ 160-310

    Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor and the arch-rival of Thomas Edison, was said to have an IQ of between 160-310, dependent on the test. Although he’s capable of dreaming of (and at times developing) numerous innovative technologies, Tesla is best known as the inventor of the world’s first AC (AC) motor and for creating AC transmission and generation technologies. As he neared the end of his existence, his mental state was deteriorating, and he passed away by himself in his New York hotel room where his home was.


    Intelligence isn’t only a characteristic that is learned or acquired over time; it can also be inherited. Individuals with the top IQs around the globe comprehend and interpret information more quickly than people with fewer IQs. This ability can help them accomplish incredible achievements in their fields. Keep your IQ on the rise if you want to be more competitive! We’re sure you’ll be impressed by the following list of individuals with the best IQs on the planet.

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