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There was a problem parsing the package

    A pop-up window says, “There was a problem parsing the package” when installing an application on Android. We’ve gathered some helpful solutions to this issue.

    Android devices are believed to be among the most popular phones of the moment because Android devices come with user-friendly features. It is also less expensive compared to other phones. In addition, Android devices have an open source and many reasons why it’s an extremely loved smartphone in the market today.

    But, there are specific issues you may encounter when using your Android device. We will discuss some of the most common issues you could discover on your Android device. In addition, we have provided some suggestions to address the problem.

    Solution of “There Was A Problem While Parsing The Package”

    If you encounter a parsing issue on your Android device may cause it to skip in a flash, especially in the case that you recently bought the machine with lots of money. However, don’t worry since we’ve got five solutions to fix this issue in just a few steps.

    1. Restart Your Android Device

    Rebooting the Android device (at minimum once per week) will not only resolve common problems but can also resolve the issue of parsing your package. It will also clear your memory and improve the battery’s lifespan.

    Step 1: Find and hold”Power.” Step 2: Locate and long-press your device’s “Power” button. (You might need to press the “Power,” “Power,” and “Volume Up” buttons in conjunction with some models.)

    Power Off Button

    Step 2. Three options will be displayed, which allow users to “Power Off,” “Restart,” and “SOS.”

    Third step: click”Restart” or click on the “Restart” button.

    If you perform this step even though an application is already installed, your System UI could cease functioning upon restarting the device. Use easy solutions to fix that “System UI has stopped” error.

    Clear cache cookies from the play store.

    One of the best choices is to delete caches and cookies from the Play Store. This can aid you in an issue with parsing from Google Play Store itself.

    Open the google play store

    Choose the sidebar and then select “settings.”

    In the general settings, you’ll discover the option of how you can “clear local search history.”


    If downloading apps via the Play Store, tap on the Install button. Your phone will load and run the appropriate application versions on your device. When you download the APK download, the process is challenging to do so.

    Many variations of the APK file can be used in a single application based on various aspects like your CPU configuration, Android version, display resolution, etc. If you’ve installed the incorrect version, there could be an issue with parsing.

    Please make sure you go through the various versions of the APK at a trusted site like APKMirror before downloading it. Another thing to remember is that some applications typically are in XAPK format instead of the traditional APK. Read the guide to installing XAPK documents on Android for more information on how to deal with these files.

    Allow Installation From Unknown Sources

    Most forums on the internet devoted explicitly to Android devices suggest that the best method to address the problem is to allow the installation of non-Market apps. Many users have confirmed that this solution worked for them.

    Follow the steps listed below to allow the installation of apps that are not from Google sources:

    Click the menu button.

    Open Settings.

    Proceed to Applications.

    Tap Unknown Sources.

    Choose Allow to activate the feature.

    The process might be slightly different according to what version you are running on you’re running on the Android OS or on the performance of your Smartphone that you’re using.

    The app isn’t suitable for your OS or hardware.

    If the two solutions above don’t work, it’s likely that the application isn’t compatible with the present OS version or is not compatible with your device’s hardware. Try installing it on an alternative Android device with higher versions of OS and better hardware.

    Make Sure the App is Compatible With Your Device

    If the two above methods fail and you receive an error message, it is a sign that the application isn’t compatible with your device or the version of OS that you’re running. Try installing it on a different Android device to see if it functions there or it doesn’t. If it is working on an android device with a newer version of OS and powerful hardware, try another Apk file from different sites to make sure it’s compatible with your device.

    Don’t think that this method doesn’t work after just one try. I tried ten sites for apks before I was lucky enough to obtain the compatible apk. Find the appropriate apk that is compatible with your device. Sometimes, an older version of the app is also discovered to be compatible with your device. Try it out. For instance, search Chrome’s old or 2014 version if the most recent version has this error.


    Numerous Android users have reported getting the error. The positive side is that the solution listed above will not only fix the issue but also keep it from occurring again in the near future. Remember next time you or someone else you know has similar issues.

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