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The Person You Are Trying To Reach Text

    I have been receiving phone calls from a vacation telemarketing service in Las Vegas. Initially, I made my phone send calls from this call directly to voice mail. Later, in the evening, I realized that I could block callers using Google Voce and automatically give them the official “this number is no longer in use message.” So yes. Here’s the log of my blocked calls that appears to be today.

    The person you’re trying to contact isn’t taking calls at the moment.

    Yesterday, I tried to contact someone, but I kept hearing a recording that said the individual you’re trying to contact isn’t taking calls at the moment. I read in the discussion forum that it is a sign that the call has been blocked or there is no payment. It’s not because of non-payment, as I’m also on the account. The question is…if my phone number were blocked, would the number I was trying to call get missed calls I received? If I was blocked, did my text messages go through? It’s happened before, and people say it’s the phone acting up. Then I was told by the person they could see missed calls and that I had not received a blocked message when my messages were sent.

    Failed” Messages

    The messages with the “failed” status and an error 30004 may mean that Twilio has blocked the messages because of suspected harmful or unwanted content. In addition, Twilio’s anti-spam security is implemented to keep users safe from unsolicited messages.

    If you’re receiving messages marked with “failed” the status (as opposed to “undelivered”) If you suspect that your messages are blocked in error, please reach out to Twilio support using an example of message SIDs that you have found in your SMS logs as well as an explanation of how you used the situation.

    The Subscriber You Are Trying to Reach is Currently Not Reachable” Message Plays on Voicemail When Phone is Off Avatar

    When the phone is turned off when the phone is off, calls made to the phone will be received with the following message “The subscriber you’re trying to contact is inaccessible. Try again later.”
    The message will play up until the call duration has reached 30 seconds. After that, the call will go to voicemail as normal.

    Continued Error 30004 Issues

    Twilio’s support team can assist you in determining what was wrong in the delivery of your message. You should collect three or more message SIDs from your SMS logs within the past 24 hours, flagged as Error 30004 and open Support Request.

    For more information and assistance, visit the following websites.–The-Subscriber-You-Are-Trying-to-Reach-is-Currently-Not-Reachable-Message-Plays-on-Voicemail-When-Phone-is-Off

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