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the name of which car company means “i roll” in latin?

    A fascinating and fascinating story of the development of a brand’s name is Volvo. The company was established in 1927 by Assar Gabrielsson, Gustaf L. Larson 1927. The pair teamed up to create an automobile more suited to the frigid Scandinavian conditions and rough roads. It was clear that what Gabrielsson and Larson were thinking of was a vehicle which “rolls” in all states. Translated from Latin, the term “volvere” means “to roll.” After conjugation, “Volvo” has a literal meaning of “I roll.”

    Thanks to their efforts to create their vehicles to be as reliable and safe as possible, It’s not surprising that it soared for an extended time in the automotive business.

    If you’re looking to learn about the history behind its name, logo, and some of the history concerning it, you might be interested in this post.

    The meaning behind Volvo”I roll” (in Latin)

    Names of the Swedish company is dated back to 1927 when its founders, Gustaf and Assar Gabrielsson, along with as members of the SKF company (its the parent corporation), came up with the name of their newly created company, which would be one of the largest automakers in the history of the world.

    Volvo means “I roll” in Latin. The infinitive version of the term “Volvo” is “volvere” (to roll). The founders chose to use the first person infinitive of Volvo.

    The concept behind the term “Volvo” was to convey the idea that the car can move (roll), and it’s straightforward to remember the word that is not easily incorrectly pronounced or misspelled.

    The Rise Of The Word Volvo

    Before the Volvo car company was even born into existence, the term “Volvo” was already circling in the offices of the Swedish car parts firm called Svenska Kullagerfabriken (SKF). Evidently, in a bizarre flash of inspiration, one of the employees at SKF decided that the name Volvo was appropriate for the newly-created ball-bearing division within the firm. But, the name didn’t end being a prominent feature on the front of Gabrielsson vehicles and was sponsored mainly by SKF.

    The logo of the automobile company and the meaning behind it.

    It is widespread to believe that the Volvo logo is connected to the male gender symbol since it looks similar. Still, the Volvo logo is utterly different insignificance.

    One hundred years ago, Sweden was well-known for its steel industry and one of the top countries in this material. Volvo decided to represent this in its logo. Volvo chose to link the steel’s essence to its automobiles since it symbolizes durability and strength and is one of the main features.

    Latin Origins: An Outline

    The two words together result in the word “automobile.” the purpose was to denote the self-moving vehicle. In reality, the term “car” is also derived from Latin, and the time “Carrus” can be translated to “wheeled vehicle.”

    The Latin language provides almost endless possibilities to name your products with authority. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see automobile companies exploring Latin names and meanings. In the end, two well-known names for car companies originated directly from early Rome.

    Volvo is synonymous with innovation: Three-Point Safety Belt.

    Volvo is known for its commitment to safety. They demonstrated this in a remarkable move when they decided to give up the intellectual rights in the seatbelt and allow all to benefit from the invention.


    Finding a balance between fashion and safety, Volvo has found a way to remain in line with its Scandinavian roots while offering a more exciting experience for drivers. There’s no more critical indicator of how the Volvo automobile company has remained true to its core values and justified its name by ensuring that drivers are protected while “rolling” along for decades.

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