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The More You Take The More You Leave Behind

    The majority of days are similar at present, and it’s essential to bring an element of spontaneity and safety into your daily routine as often as you can.

    Of course, entertainment has played an essential part in keeping us satisfied, with music, movies, television and books providing colossal assistance.

    On the other hand, we’re seeing increasing amounts of time each day on social media, playing puzzles and riddles to stay sharp and active.

    It’s a fantastic idea, and it’s incredible to note that some have even created challenges that challenge their followers and their friends to the test.

    The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?


    The answer is FOOTSTEPS.

    Footsteps! The more you step, the more steps that you’ll leave behind!

    Riddle Answer explained:

    The majority of us, when considering the term “take”, immediately connect it to “physically getting something”. For instance, “taking” a candy bar from your sibling as well as “taking” cash from the wallet.

    If you’re not native English, this jigsaw puzzle may not be as clear and straightforward as it seems. As opposed to “taking” the step, “walking” a step seems to make more sense when translated from languages other than English.

    So, if you have gotten this question wrong, English is not your primary language. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. English isn’t the most natural language. Haha!

    The overall conclusion is that the more steps you make, the more footprints you’ve left behind. This doesn’t make sense. Because what you leave after a step is, in fact, footprints. Footsteps are a sign of action, while footprints are the physical evidence of taking a step. This is why I’m not saying that the terms “footprints” and “footsteps” can be interchangeable. Does this seem to make sense? Please don’t be concerned about it. I could be overthinking about this.


    The solution to the mystery is “footsteps.”
    You’ve got it!

    The more you step and the more footprints you’ll leave behind.

    It’s a bit tricky, but as with most amazing riddles, it’s evident when the answer is discovered.

    Now that you know the answer don’t forget to pass the clue along to your friends and family members to see if they find the answer. Perhaps, one of the advantages of solving riddles with other people is the wide variety of intriguing possibilities that people can think about before they finally get the answer right.

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