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That Wasn’t Very Cash Money of You

    This wasn’t very cash-based of You.



    It’s Not Very The Cash Money Of You is a catchy phrase connected to a sketch that depicts the fictional character, Sayaka Miki of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, wearing sunglasses. The word uses “cash the money” to refer to “cool.” The image was transformed into an exploitable were other characters repeat”cool,” and then the word is often associated with images of different characters, typically sporting sunglasses.

    What does That Wasn’t Cash of You refer to?

    This wasn’t precisely cash of you, and it’s an internet meme paired with a sketch of persona Sayaka Miki, a character from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica franchise.

    This expression comes from a variation of the word “that wasn’t awesome for you.”

    “That wasn’t a lot of cash for you” was made into a meme that could be exploited featuring a variety of characters wearing sunglasses and saying the words.


    On January 26th, 2014, Tumblr user things-in-sunglasses[1] posted the original image to their page, where it gained over 106,000 notes in four years (shown below, left). This image may be an edited version of the same photo with Sayaka wearing glasses, but the first known version was shared on the Allspark forums on March 13th 15th, 2014 (shown below left).

    Spread and Usage

    How could that have happened? Cash of You spread?

    People are copying the image using different characters, along with the catchy slogan and sunglasses, are spreading the idea on the internet.

    “That was not a lot of cash of you” was a popular post across Twitter, Deviant Art as well as Urban Dictionary in 2015.

    Another variant of the format began appearing on the subreddit /dankmemes of Reddit in 2018, combining it with a photo of Godzilla.


    The image spread and other characters replicated it. For instance, a drawing was uploaded to DeviantArt on August 21st in 2015 (shown below on the left). Another picture based on an image of the character Anna of Fire Emblem was posted to Twitter by @ObsidianWasp (shown below on the right).

    The meme was first noticed in September 2018. A reiteration of the meme that featured Godzilla’s animation was posted on the /r/dankmessage channel. For instance, Dolphin_follower44 earned 100 points in just one hour using an example posted on September 17th in 2018. Another post written by user jackpot made 65 points in just an hour on the same day.

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