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Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed

    The Copy-Paste feature that we use on our computer was explicitly created to simplify those who want to replicate information from one platform to another. The majority of information could be copied or copied to one place and pasted onto another in any quantity. If you find a lovely poem on a site and you want to send it to your acquaintances, you can take it home and then share it with them.

    Writing the poem word for word and emailing it to the recipient; can take an incredibly long time. This feature is called Copy-Paste. Copy-Paste feature was developed to address situations such as this. It lets you transfer and copy documents, images, videos, texts, and many other types of files, making the transfer of files much easier and faster.

    What should you do If Copy & Paste is not working in your Mac?

    Copy-paste is the most efficient method to transfer content from one file to another document. Those who write lengthy texts will quickly realize that copy-paste can be an added benefit. Writing passwords, serial numbers, and other complex texts is not easy. The most popular function is copy-paste, and if it fails, you’ll feel dissatisfied and angry.

    But don’t be worried. There are a variety of solutions to solve the problem.

    Use Third-Party Apps to fix “Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed.”

    You’ve tried everything on the table of options above, but nothing has worked. It is possible to move directly to using third-party software to resolve the issue. At present, we’ve used CleanMyMac X CleanMyMac X on our system to remove unwanted files and fix any errors there.

    The most effective and efficient method to resolve this issue is using CleanMyMac the X. The program is extremely fast because it optimizes your system performance.

    Scan Mac for Malware and Viruses

    As previously mentioned, the error may be caused by an infection with malware, virus or. If you’ve installed antivirus software on your Mac, do a full system scan to identify possible virus-related diseases. Also, look at this list of top macOS antiviruses for solid alternatives.

    If this issue keeps popping on your screen after trying these tips, contact Apple Support or visit a nearby Genius Bar to get your Mac assessed for any hardware-related problems.

    How to Fix Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed on Mac

    It’s easy to fix the copy-paste that isn’t working on your Mac. But, if you’ve recently downloaded any program or made any modifications to your Mac, we suggest reversing those changes and seeing whether the issue is resolved. If not, read this article to find out the different ways to fix it.

    1. Restart your System

    The easiest method to resolve your Mac’s most frequent problems and errors is to perform an effortless restart. If cached data is from an application or code conflicts will go out of the way after restarting.

    Save your work, and then close all applications on your Mac. Click the tiny Apple icon at the top-right corner, then select Restart.

    2. Solution Copy & Paste not working by using Activity Monitor

    If restarting isn’t working and you’re still seeing the clipboard cannot be modified error message on your system, take these steps to end the app using Activity Monitor.

    Step 1: Launch the Activity Monitor app with a spotlight, or navigate Applications> Utility Tools > Activity Monitor.

    Step 2: Click the search bar at the top right corner of the activity monitor—type in “pboard” (Without the quotes).

    Step 3: Double-click on the board option in Process Name and click the “Quit” “Quit” button to end the boarding procedure.

    Step 4: Quit Activity Monitor and then try applications with issues when copying and pasting the text onto your Mac.

    How Do I Solve My Clipboard Error?

    Select to open the Apple icon and then restart your Mac. It is also possible to fix this with an option called terminal fixing, the activity monitor, and looking for updates. These are some options to help you select the issue of copy-paste.


    I will cover all ways to resolve this problem. Before trying any of the methods, restart your computer and then check if whether the issue has been resolved or not. In the meantime, try alternative techniques.

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