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Snapchat Solar Planet List And Order: Explained!

    Snapchat is among the top-used social media applications in the world of Gen Z people. Although Snapchat has many features, Snapchat Plus takes the user experience to the next level. Snapchat frequently adds new features for its subscription service, which include changing the icons of the app, letting you see who has re-watched your video, and naming particular individuals as BFFs. Snapchat rolled out a new feature, Snapchat Friend Solar System, to assist you, that assigns the Snapchat Planet to your acquaintances.

    In this article, we’ll help you learn about Snapchat Planets, their meanings, order, and other information. At the end of this article, we will also explain how to view your Snapchat solar system with your loved ones.

    What are Snapchat Planets?

    Snapchat includes a Best Friends Solar System feature only available to Plus users. The planets form an app element and measure your relationship with other application users. It has eight planets that are identical to the actual Solar System.

    Your profile is represented by the ‘Sun”, while your Snapchat buddies are assigned to a ‘Planet based on your proximity to Snapchat. In the case of a person who is your closest Snapchat friend, you’ll be able to see that they’re named “Mercury” for the person you are (as Mercury is closest to the Sun within the Solar System).

    In the same way, the strength of the relationship determines the Planet that gets which person that is in the acquaintance’s Solar System. Therefore, Planets represent your list of the Top Friends through Snapchat. Pluto has not formed an element in the Snapchat feature since it was removed from our Solar System in August.

    What’s The Order of Snapchat Planets?

    Snapchat Solar Planets Snapchat Solar Planets aren’t in our solar system, but they are an enjoyable way to connect and connect with your pals using the Snapchat platform. Below are the planets as well as their applications.

    Mercury Snapchat Planet: Mercury is the Planet closest to the Sun in the solar system. In Snapchat’s universe, it’s the people you consider your Best Friends. The list of your friends lists the friends you frequently communicate with.

    Venus Snapchat Planet: Venus is the second Planet of the Sun and represents the people you call your Friends on Snapchat. They are your friends with whom you regularly connect but not frequently as often as your Top Friends.

    Earth Snapchat Planet: Earth, the Planet we call home, has much in common with your group Chats through Snapchat. The chats are meant for acquaintances to interact through a common space.

    Mars Snapchat Planet: Mars is the Red Planet, which represents your Snap Map in Snapchat. You can view your friends’ live locations and keep track of their actions. It is possible to switch off live streaming if you do not want others to know the exact place you’re in.

    Jupiter Snapchat Planet: Jupiter on Snapchat symbolizes the huge social community. Here, you can access news stories and entertaining videos thousands of users upload.

    Saturn Snapchat Planet: Saturn is your subscription to Snapchat. It includes creators of content as well as publishers and accounts you follow.

    Uranus Snapchat Planet: Uranus is where you’ll discover the Spectacles content. If you’re the proud wearer of Snapchat’s Spectacles, here’s the place to access and present your unique hand-free view.

    Neptune Snapchat Planet: Neptune, The outermost Planet of the solar system, is designated for Camera Roll content. In the Snapchat application, you can effortlessly access and share pictures and videos stored on your phone’s camera roll.

    How do I access Snapchat Solar System? (Step-By-Step Guide)

    This step-by-step guide I’ve provided a step-by-step guide to how to sign up for Snapchat+ to access the Friends’ Solar System:-

    • Open the Snapchat application and tap on the icon for your profile in the upper-left corner.
    • A Profile icon will be at the left-hand corner at the top. Select it.

    Scroll until you come across Snapchat+

    • Now, tap on the Subscribe button.

    Note: This will let you know what features are available with the Premium Plan So you can explore it.

    • Select your preferred subscription plan and begin with a seven-day free trial.

    Note: When the trial period is over, you can visit one or all of Snapchatters (preferably if you’re a close acquaintance) and see where you’re in the Solar System.

    Then follow the extra steps to accomplish this:

    • Browse through the chats you’ve made on Snapchat 6. Tap on the person you’re most interested in.
    • On the left of the left side of your Snap score, you’ll be able to see a friend badge. Tap it.
    • And voila! You can now view Snapchat Planet.

    What is Snapchat’s Friend? Solar System Work

    First, you must sign up for Snapchat Plus to see what Planet you’re currently on the other person’s Snapchat universe. After you subscribe, have a “Best Friends” or “Friends’ badge with a gold outline on your friend’s profile. A Best Friends badge means you have been among the top eight most popular friends. While the Friends badge signifies that you’re in the top 8 best friends, they do not belong to your list.

    Then, tap on one of the badges; you will see the status of the friendship that they are in on Snapchat Friend Solar System. To make it more exciting, the relationship can be seen in the form of planets that represent the different positions on their top friend list. If, for instance, you’re Jupiter within the Snapchat solar system, it is the fifth most close acquaintance, according to Snapchat.

    This is how to discover the Planet you’re on with your Snapchat friend’s Snapchat Solar system.

    • Visit the profile of a friend on Snapchat.
    • Tap and locate to reveal the Best Friends badge to show the Planet you are from.

    Commonly requested questions

    What does the word “planet” mean? What do the planets mean on Snapchat?

    Snapchat Solar Plantes is a function of Snapchat Plus; this represents the rank or position of your friends in your top friend list. The Sun is your representation in the Snapchat solar system, while the eight other planets represent your pals.

    Within the Solar System, for example, when a person is symbolized by the Sun and the Earth represents you, this indicates that you’re the third-closest friend of theirs. The planets serve as visual indicators of your Snapchat friends’ rank or proximity to each other in terms of interaction and interaction.

    What exactly does Venus on Snapchat refer to?

    Venus is the second Planet within the Snapchat solar system, following Mercury, which signifies that you’re the second most trusted person to whom you have a. The friend’s name displayed on Snapchat’s solar system represents the person you have shared the second highest number of streaks.

    What’s the name of the Orange Planet on Snapchat?

    The bright orange Planet of the solar system of Snapchat is Jupiter, which is considered the fifth Planet located close to the Sun. Also, it signifies you’re the fifth close friend within your friend’s solar system. When you tap on the badge, you will locate your place in the Solar System, symbolized by the different planets.

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