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Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon

    A dungeon that belongs to a succubus queen gets raided. The queen and her entire staff are slain and a skeletal warrior who has no notable accomplishments to his credit. He can increase his level and gain strength with time when he passes away. The most important benefit that this provides him is to revive after death.

    The skeleton soldier woke two decades ago when an expert took him from his grave. After seeing her being assaulted by robbers and later killed, he was taught about the bizarre “level-up” ability and slowly acquired enough knowledge to aid the necromancer.

    The man opted to keep going for the second time in his own life until he finally met the Succubus that he loved. But the world isn’t happy with the soldier inside the skeleton, and he’s in danger each day.


    Skeleton was nothing more than a normal Skeleton Soldier minion placed beneath the demon Lord Baal.

    The story of his life as a human being is still unknown. The grave in which his remains lie was buried with no information about his life. The gravestone was so badly scratched that it was impossible to even read the name of his deceased father on it.

    Skeleton was believed to have been first revived by a low-ranking necromancer called Rubia, but recent chapters suggest otherwise.


    This is the Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon manga, which is one of the most well-known manga that covers in the Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Tragedy, Webtoons genres and created by Ant Studio, Sosori at MangaBuddy MangaBuddy is a leading manga website that lets you the ability to read manga online for without cost. Skeleton Soldier Can’t Protect The Dungeon contains more than 168 chapters translated, and other chapters that have been translated are currently in process. Let’s enjoy.
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    Skeleton Soldiers Can’t Protect the Dungeon.

    His sole purpose was to guard his master. But he was in no position to defend her. However, fate has something else to give him, as he has another chance to defend his master once more and alter his destiny.

    Story Progression

    First Life
    No Name’s very first life was, in fact, his longest life to date, despite being his weakest. His necromancer Rubia was killed shortly after his resurrection. However, the person who took her body left him in peace.

    Ten years later, a century of war broke out between mankind, killing sixteen demon lords. There were no followers of Baal in the reign of the Demon King. Then, humanity rebelled against the Demon King and managed to defeat them all. After the war, Sokobs basically didn’t take on a name and became a close follower. Twenty years after his resurrection, he and Lady Sokobs were shot and killed.

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