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Samsung TV Black Screen of Death[Fix]

    The most crucial feature of every TV is its capacity to show a clear image, but if you notice a black picture on the screen of your Samsung TV, it’s a sure indication that the issue is much more significant than just a glitch in the image.

    The TV’s bigger screen is an experience. Sometimes, there’s no information on your screen, regardless of your method.

    What exactly is Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

    “Black screen of death” is a problem where the screen goes black. However, the sound, along with other functions, is functioning. Furthermore, the case that the display that isn’t displaying the output because of an issue with the hardware or software.

    The issue is a death screen. The TV’s sound is there, but the picture isn’t. Make sure that the power LED is on. If the television screen remains black, but there is no light, there may be a problem related to the power source.

    What’s the reason for the black screen that dies on the Samsung TV?

    Electrical connectivity issues and problems with the streaming device can cause a black screen on the Samsung TV. Even if the TV’s sleep mode and power saver modes are activated, this can happen. Additionally, software bugs and malfunctions in the system caused by obsolete TV firmware could cause the problem.

    Hardware Problem

    There is a chance that the display is damaged or short-circuiting the TV’s motherboard. For example, a fault in the display hardware, LCD board, or chips causes dead black screens in the Samsung TV.

    Faulty cables

    It is one of the most frequent causes of the black screen as damaged or loose cables could be the cause that is causing the issue. Make sure to disconnect and connect all your cables; this could resolve the issue. Press the menu button for a check.

    Check your input device’s power is in good working order. It could be because you have turned on the TV but did not think about the power source for your input device supply. For instance, in this case, the set-top or DVD player box isn’t getting power.

    How Can I Repair My Samsung TV when the Screen Turns Black?

    There are several solutions to fix this issue. But, since it’s difficult to determine the root of the issue and its root, you should follow the steps step-by-step from the most straightforward solution to the more complicated one. This way, you’ll be able to rule out every possible cause. If the TV is working after any of the steps, you’ll be able to determine why the screen is black.

    Make sure that the cables are connected correctly.

    As we have discussed previously, cables are one of the leading causes of Samsung’s black screen problem. Also, it would help if you examined all cables that connect to your Samsung TV. Examine the cables to determine whether there’s a damaged or loose wire. If you have found a damaged wire, you should replace it with a new one. If the cables are all in a good state and you’re having issues, take out all cables connected to your TV and connect them to their original location.

    Use voltage management devices.

    In some instances, the black screen can occur on the screen of your Samsung TV due to extremely high or low power levels. If your TV isn’t receiving the correct voltage level, the system may fail. It can cause the Samsung TV to have black screens.

    Sure, the highly excessive or even low-voltage events brought on by power failures cannot be avoided. However, there’s a method you can successfully manage. Also, you can prevent the Samsung TV from getting affected by it.

    Make a Soft Reset

    If your Samsung TV is frozen, a simple reboot and restart will often solve the problem. A soft reset does not erase your data or settings. Some apps that you previously disabled may be temporarily active.

    If your Samsung TV is experiencing issues and becoming not responding, It is possible to restore it to its former state by doing an automatic reset. To accomplish this, disconnect the television for 60 secs, then reconnect it. 

    TV Input Settings are Correct

    Intelligent TVs are sophisticated digital devices with various ways of accessing content. Samsung TVs specifically have a range of options that make it challenging to navigate the interface. Many people encounter one problem when they see a black screen on the TV. This is due to an improper source setting.

    To fix the Incorrect source problem To fix the issue:

    1. Follow the three steps below. If you have a Samsung TV, press the “External Power Source” button on the remote.
    2. Navigate to the Settings menu in the Input section and ensure that all TV inputs have been activated.
    3. Return to the Input Settings menu to ensure that all settings for the input source are correct.

    Install the latest firmware on your TV

    The software update for the Samsung Smart TV will help you get the best performance of your TV and help you resolve the majority of problems with the TV. The black screen issue that appears on your TV’s screen is one of the issues that can be resolved by updating the firmware of your TV.

    Double-check the source.

    In the beginning, to determine if the problem is related to your source, utilize your remote to push on the Menu button. If the menu is displayed on the screen, your television is in good working order, and the issue must be related to the source. These sources include SAT Box, Cable Box, DVD Player, Amazon, and Roku.

    Also, check these sources twice to confirm that they’re working correctly. This will fix the issue temporarily in the source and resolve the black screen problem. If that doesn’t work, try connecting another device to your TV or similar sources to a different TV.

    Final Thoughts

    Samsung TV, black screen of death – display problem. This is due to an unreliable cable or a hardware issue. However, this problem can be solved by correctly connecting the cable to the port.

    Modifying the input source and setting all the features properly can help avoid this issue. 

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