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Samsung TV Volume Not Working / Stuck

    You are a constant phone caller at the Samsung service centre complaining that your Samsung innovative TV volume control isn’t working?

    Smart TVs are the perfect way to spend time enjoying yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you connect it to the internet or without (though I recommend you use it on an internet connection). Do you wonder why many complain that “My Samsung television volume is stuck”?

    Samsung Televisions are excellent and have intelligent TVs that offer many apps and options for viewing. However, when it comes to the smart TV market, firms like LG or Sony are miles ahead of their rivals (well, this is my opinion). Some users have reported difficulties when trying to switch on Wi-Fi for their LG Smart TV or having to reset their Samsung Smart TVs at intervals.

    Although Samsung remains ranked as one of the most popular LED intelligent TVs that support streaming videos, many viewers are having issues with volume control.

    Why Does Volume Problem Occur In Samsung TVs?

    Many reasons can cause issues with volume in Samsung’s Smart TVs. Let’s examine some of the most common reasons.

    HDMI problem: Samsung uses an HDMI cable to share video and audio with one line. So when HDMI isn’t working because of a fault, the volume will cause problems.

    Remote Issue: The chances are good that the remote for your TV is malfunctioning. If there aren’t any signals, the TV cannot receive any commands through the Remote. If the Remote has a problem, then the volume will not change.

    Mute Mode could be a chance that you accidentally muted your TV when you clicked the Mute button. If your video is playing smoothly, then hit the Mute button to turn off the volume of the Samsung television.

    The Settings Glitches: There are many functions that intelligent TVs can perform, that include the Auto Turn and Smart Adjustment of Volume, which automatically sets up the volume of the intelligent television. This can be changed by changing the settings on the Smart TV.

    Why Is My Samsung TV Volume Stuck or Not Working?

    Several reasons can be the cause of Samsung TV volume issues. They are most commonly:

    Your TV is running low on memory.

    Your TV should be upgraded.

    A software problem with an issue with the Samsung Smart Hub.

    The most important thing to note is that these common reasons are all linked to the TV’s software. It’s good because we can fix the issue without needing to contact Samsung for assistance or repair costs.

    Power Cycle Your Television

    Another option for troubleshooting is to power cycle your TV. The process of power Cycling your TV will fix any intermittent glitches and issues you experience, like Samsung TV volume stuck. To accomplish this, follow the steps below.

    Please turn off your television and wait a few minutes for it to shut off.

    Remove the TV from power and then wait several minutes before you can plug it back in. Connect your TV directly to the power supply within one or two minutes.

    After that, switch on your television, and the issue will be solved, after which you should be able to alter the volume.

    Do a soft reset

    In reality, not every Samsung TV problem needs a factory reset. In many instances, attempting a soft reset could help solve the issue. Thus, before using your factory reset, you should try the soft Reset. How do you do it? Here’s the procedure:

    It is important to note that, unlike factory resets, the Soft Reset will not affect the TV settings—one thing which could affect the last television’s running activities before the Reset.

    Step 1. Hold and press the Power button while waiting for it to switch off.

    2. Wait 30 seconds before pressing the Power button to turn off the TV.

    After doing the soft Reset to Samsung TV, if the Samsung TV volume not working issue persists, you can try the next step.

    Reset Volume Settings

    The volume settings could be incorrectly configured. This is why you’re having Samsung television volume stuck at 100 issues.

    However, this issue is easily solved by changing the default volume levels. For this, follow these steps:

    Click Settings on the Sound panel.

    Select Sound, the Expert settings.

    Click on Reset Sound, and after that, Reset.

    These Sound Settings were reset to the default settings.

    This will solve this issue. Samsung TV volume is stuck at 100.

    You can reset your Smart Tv’s factory settings.

    Important: Before doing Factory Reset, you perform Factory Reset; kindly backup all your account data, including user profiles, user accounts, and the settings you’ve set. Since Factory Reset will erase all information on your device.

    Press Home Button on your smart TV remote.

    Navigate to Settings.

    Go to General.

    Select and click Reset.

    In the next step, it will ask for a security pin; you must enter

    After Reset has been completed, check if the volume is functioning or not.

    Samsung Remote Support:

    Try calling the Samsung Contact Centre and asking for support via Remote.

    1. Visit the Support section on the menu of your TV.

    2. Select Remote Management, then take the time to read and agree to the service agreement. If the screen for PIN appears, give an agent with your PIN.

    3. Agents will be able to access your TV

    To enable Remote Service to operate, your TV needs to be connected to a high-speed internet connection. In addition, it is impossible to communicate if the TV cannot connect to the internet or when your internet connection isn’t fast enough.

    What’s Next?

    The majority times the time, the Samsung TV will be one of your top-rated gadgets. However, they can have some technical problems. Apart from the volume not working or unresponsive, be on the lookout for the notorious Samsung firmware update bugs and horizontal lines appearing on the Samsung TV’s screen.

    The problems mentioned above are typically minor, however. To be safe, you should always keep a Firestick to back up your television’s intelligent functions. It also gives your TV access to Alexa Fire TV voice commands and the ability to utilize the Firestick on a different TV until you require it to use it with your Samsung.


    This is a well-known issue that is relatively easy to solve if the volume of your Samsung TV isn’t functioning. The first thing to fix it is to restart the Smart Hub on your TV.

    It will instantly resolve the issue with volume because the hub will be reset to its initial settings.

    Next, access your settings for apps and uninstall all apps that are not needed. Many apps are preloaded on Samsung TVs, and a few are automatically updated when updates are made.

    You will likely encounter issues with volume later on if you don’t clear the memory these apps use up in your television. Try turning off your TV and then resetting it to the factory settings if you continue to encounter issues with volume.

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