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Rama and krishna are two species of which plants

    Tulsi, the Indian god of plants, is one of the 60 species within the genus Ocimum. It is also known in Sanskrit as Tulasi. This is the language in which the Vedas are written.

    Rama Tulasi has the same characteristics as Lakshmi Tulasi. It’s mildly spicy. It is light in color. It can be easily grown. Krishna Tulasi cannot be produced without the help of holy circumstances. Krishna Tulasi’s stem is darker than Rama Tulasi’s, and its leaves are more hot-tasting. It is much darker than other Tulasi plants. It’s also useful in curing lung problems. Honey and its decoction, or essence, are the best for health. According to some North Indian books, there are 60 types. Some of them were visible to me. They grow straight.

    Shyama Tulsi/Krish Tulsi/Purple Leaf Basil

    According to legend, Krishna Tulsi is named after its purple leaves. That is because Lord Krishna’s skin color (according to the Vedas) is dark. Krishna Tulsi has a reputation for its spicy and crispy taste. Although it would not be accurate to claim that Krishna Tulsi grows fewer, it is more difficult to find than other types of Tulli. Purple leaf Tusi is used to treat throat infections, respiratory system problems, and skin diseases such as earache, nasal lesions, and sinusitis.

    Rama Tulsi and Green Leaf Basil

    Rama Tulasi also goes by Sri or Lakshmi Tulasi Ocimum terreniflorum Ocimum sacrum, Ocimum holy, and green leaf Tulasi (Basil). Rama Tusi emits strong aromas in every part. It can be found in Eastern Nepal and Brazil, China, and Chatgaon. Rama Tulsi is famous for his cooling taste.

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