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Most liked video on tiktok

    TikTok is always often in the news for a particular reason or another. It’s been downloaded by more than two billion users around the world. Whoa! This is quite a large amount. It’s not just the US, but also people from all areas of the world who have contributed to making TikTok the top downloaded application on the Apple Store. This is why we can view the most popular accounts of TikTok that are diverse. The content of the TikTok app is a magnet for users of diverse interests and brings them to form an online community of users.

    You may be thinking that the most popular among the top videos that are liked on TikTok 2022 might be of an actor or adorable pet? If you’re nodding yes, then you’re incorrect! The most popular video on Tiktok is by Bella Poarch, who has 50.0 fans who have liked the TikTok video. The video went viral recently due to her adorable face and unique expressions.

    Is Bella Poarch Bella?

    Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American internet celebrity and singer. You might already have heard her debut track, “Build a B***h,” debuted in April 2021.

    Bella was born in the Philippines in February 1997; Bella had far from an idyllic childhood. Her maternal grandmother raised her in poor areas until she was three. She was not aware of her parents. Then she was adopted to the son of an American male and his Filipino wife.

    The father she adopted was a military officer stationed in the Philippines, and Bella herself later joined the military.

    She shared with the H3 podcast about how she was raised in an agricultural farming family located in the Philippines and is believed to have received many tasks on the farm since the age of seven. Bella admitted to being abused in her childhood and that one of the nicknames her adoptive father used of her was “stupid woman”. The girl left the Philippines at 14 years old and realized her situation and how her adoptive parents received her was not normal.

    Bella has an impressive 89 million followers via TikTok, 6.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 15.6 million followers on Instagram.

    M to B (54m likes)

    Bella Poarch became the Queen of TikTok by bopping her head to “Soph Aspin Send” by Millie B. Her head is bobbing, hypnotizing “M towards”B” video since spurred numerous copycat attempts.

    The video, which was uploaded on the 17th of August, 2020, is averaging more than 58 million people who like it. 84.2 million people follow the account and, in total, has more than 2 . billion fans.

    Celebrating the first anniversary of the video August, a tweet from TikTok’s official account read: “YES Bella! (Omg It’s been a whole year). !?).”

    Closing Up

    Each day, TikTok’s popularity is growing exponentially. This is why we do not want users to miss out on the most popular and most popular videos from TikTok. Various sources have verified the numbers above. Check out these videos and create your own.

    There’s a small distinction between the top three spots of the Most Liked videos on TikTok 2022. However, what’s fascinating to watch is. The comedy is performed by the silent actor Khaby Lame, who instructs everyone on how to accomplish things quickly.

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