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Micrometer least count

    The Micrometer Screw Gauge is a device that measures the diameter of thin wires or the thickness of thin sheets of plastic, glass, etc. It can measure up to 1/10 of a millimetre (or 0.01 millimetre equals 0.001 centimetres), commonly referred to as the Micrometer with the lowest count.

    The least count of a micrometer is


    Option 3 : 0.01 mm

    Micrometer count least in millimetres and Formula

    Least Count = Pitch/ The number of circular scale divisions
    = 1/100 = 0.01mm

    The Least Count is 0.5/50
    = 0.01mm

    Micrometres with the lowest count in millimetres 0.01mm

    Screw gauge that is the minor count

    A screw gauge with 100 divisions moves the cap scale on that major scale 1/10 of mm-0.01 millimetres. This is the most minimal value that the screw gauge can measure and is the lowest count. It is also defined as the proportion to the angle of the screw and how many divisions it has on the scale.

    Micrometres with the minor count of micrometres in inches and Formula

    The minor graduation on an ordinary micrometre can be 0.001 inches.

    Least Count per inch = Pitch/Number on circular scale division
    = 1/40″/25
    = 0.001 inch

    Micrometer count least in inches: 0.001 inch

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