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Messages On Messenger Disappeared? 8 Easy Ways To Fix It

    Everybody uses apps, and we all encounter strange glitches and bugs at times if apps don’t behave exactly as we’d like. The bugs are often minor and not a problem for anyone, but occasionally, there’s something more alarming.

    Facebook Messenger deleting your messages can be a significant problem for people employing the app to conduct important company or who want to look back on their conversations and experiences.

    Don’t worry. We’re here for you, no matter your motive for wanting to keep your messages. This first portion of the report will explore the different motives for why your Messenger application might not be working; it could be due to a bug or a strange setting, and the final part will devote to solutions you may try to resolve the problem and restore your application functioning normally again!

    What is the reason for “Facebook Messenger isn’t showing messages”?

    • Problem with Internet connectivity: The primary reason for this problem within the Facebook Messenger app is a connection issue with your Internet. If your internet connection is excellent and secure, you can send messages through Messenger. Therefore, you must take action by stabilizing your Internet.
    • Facebook Messenger server problem: The other reason for this issue is a server issue. If your server is not functioning or is under maintenance, it could lead to this problem. In such a scenario, you must wait for the server to complete its maintenance or repair the issues.
    • Facebook Messenger app glitches or issues: Facebook’s internal application’s bugs, glitches, or malfunctions could affect your Messenger’s ability to display messages. If it is the root of the problem, solve the issue through restarting or reinstalling the application.
    • The app’s cache for Facebook Messenger has been overloaded with information: Typically, when cache data is loaded, your application may prevent messages from being loaded. In this case, it’s recommended that you clean your app’s cache so you do not get into these situations.
    • Background: running apps Background apps that are running in the background could consume the majority of your data and prevent Messenger in its ability to display messages. Additionally, background applications may occasionally clash with Messenger. Messenger app, containing its ability to load messages. This can be resolved by putting an end to the inefficient background app.
    • Unknown or random messages Facebook has a feature that doesn’t allow messages to arrive directly in your mailbox messages from people you don’t know or random persons or do not belong to your friend’s account on Facebook. These messages are stored somewhere else for security reasons. If you wish to view such messages, check for message requests.
    • The chat messages were accidentally or deliberately archived chat conversations : A different reason you can’t see messages in your Facebook Messenger is achieved chat. You cannot view messages directly in your email if you archived chats accidentally or intentionally. In this case, look for messages archived or not seen by the chats once.
    • Older Messenger app: If you use an older Messenger app, then it may cause you to be troubled by this trouble. As time passes, applications start creating specific issues. This is why it’s recommended to keep your app current to prevent a situation like this.
    • Participating as a beta tester of the Messenger application: If you are testing an early version of the Facebook Messenger app, you nos. Beta versions are prone to glitches and bugs and come with a limitation that will not allow messages to run. Therefore, It is recommended to refrain from employing the beta tester to resolve the problem.

    How do you fix messages that are disappearing on Messenger?

    We can fix the issue once we have identified the reasons behind this error.

    Wait for Server Uptime

    If there are any discords in any way on the Messenger server, it could result in messages disappearing. Check out Downdetector and Messenger’s official Twitter handle. Messenger’s official Twitter handle to check whether the server is experiencing problems during downtime. If so, you’ll have to wait to see if it can be it is fixed.

    Log out, restart the Device, and then Log In.

    We know that it could cause a temporary load issue or glitch. It is possible to fix this by simply logging off the Messenger platform, restarting your Device, and then logging back into it again. Check out our tutorial on three Ways to exit Facebook Messenger.

    Restart the Device and then sign in to Facebook Messenger when you’ve finished logging out. Make sure that your messages have been returned.

    Update App

    The older versions of apps are more vulnerable to glitches, corrupted files, and bugs that can affect their performance. Take the following steps to upgrade:

    • Go to your Google Play Store and search for Messenger.
    • If Update is on, tap it.

    Chat that is archived

    You may have accidentally archived the chat or deleted it from the chat. Whatever the reason, these chats are pushed to the archive section, which is kept hidden to ensure that your inbox remains tidy and you’re in no position to locate the chats.

    • Launch Messenger and tap three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner.
    • Click on Archive and check if you can locate the chat you want.

    Chat without restriction. Chat

    When you limit someone’s use of Messenger, it will block users from sending messages. Simultaneously, all user chat conversations are removed from your mailbox. If they are not there, take the following instructions:

    • In Messenger, Tap the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Press the wheel (Settings) icon. It will be followed by Privacy and safety.
    • Then, click on the restricted account under Who can access you.
    • Choose the chat you wish to view the messages of, then tap UNRESTRICT.

    This thread will appear on Chats. Chats section.

    Stop messages that disappear.

    You can set messages that disappear for people you’ve started secret conversations with via Messenger. That could be the reason your messages vanished from Messenger. We should remove it.

    • Find the secret conversation, and then, in the chat thread, tap the i in the upper-right corner.
    • Tap on the Disappearing message.
    • From the options, Choose Off.

    Notification: By default, the messages in the secret chat remain in place after 14 days unless they were read by the person who received them. To prevent this from happening, it’s possible to talk usually.

    Contact Messenger Support

    Contact The Messenger Help Centre for assistance, and they will offer guidance to resolve the issue.

    Reinstall Messenger

    If you are in a position to do so, We recommend that you deinstall the Messenger application and restart the installation. This will replace the lost or damaged files, possibly fixing the problem.

    • Hold and tap the Messenger icon inside the app drawer.
    • Click on Uninstall.
    • Install Messenger via the Google Play Store. Google Play Store.


    Messenger messages that disappear in Messenger can be a hassle; however, understanding the possible causes and taking the necessary steps could help solve the issue. If it’s due to a bug or server issue, an accidental decision, or a policy violation, You have ways to recover your messages to prevent the loss of further messages. If you check archives, refresh messages, and restart the app or employ alternative options like, You can revive your conversations and confidently carry on conversations. Keep yourself informed of the latest updates, and be patient during temporary server issues. By following the suggestions in this article regarding disappearing messages from Messenger, make sure your messages are protected and easily accessible.

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