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Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

    If you attempt to recharge the iPhone when you see the “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” alert, Do not panic! This is a persistent warning.

    “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” is an iPhone alert that alerts you that the charging port on your phone is saturated. You’ll still be able to use your phone, but you won’t be able to charge it via a lightning cable until the connector is completely dry. You can, however, use the charger that is cordless in the meantime!

    Why Does My iPhone Say “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector”?

    If you notice this message on your iPhone, disconnect the device from the charger and allow it to dry for a few hours. As your iPhone is drying out, you should avoid plugging anything, including headphones or other chargers, into the Lightning port. The liquid present within the Lightning port can permanently harm the hardware of your iPhone.

    We do not recommend using the Emergency Override for charging your phone. If your iPhone is compatible with wireless charging, you should recharge your iPhone via a Qi-enabled Wireless charger while the charging port is drying. However, if the iPhone has been in contact with lots of water before the error message was displayed, it’s better to stay clear of wireless charging, too; the liquid may have gotten into other parts of the iPhone.

    What should you do if the iPhone X shows the “liquid detected” warning

    If an error is displayed, then the most sensible step is to try to fix the instructions. If you’ve got an accessory for lightning connected to an iPhone and notice the error, take it off immediately. The error message must be taken seriously as likely; that the device detected evidence of moisture inside the port.

    Then, after taking off your Lightning accessory, set your device on a dry, clean surface and allow it to sit there for a while to dry the wet. There are other items you should avoid doing…

    • Switch off your iPhone X off.
    • Dry the Lightning accessory that you’ve connected to your iPhone if the warning light comes up.
    • Do not blow on the port, or shake the phone, as this could cause the liquid to move further into the port.
    • Don’t try to charge your iPhone regardless of whether the battery is running low.

    How To Fix Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

    Dismiss It

    While the pop-up for liquid detection is most likely the result of an iOS 14 bug, you must check the charging port on your iPhone for signs of water. Maybe liquid dripped into the device by accident, but without noticing it.

    The pop-up has Dismiss as well as Emergency Override options. The first closes the pop-up and stops charges, while the other triggers the charging process. Tap it after you finish inspecting your device.

    Use Wireless Charger

    If the lightning connector on your iPhone is wet and you feel that your iPhone battery is drained, you can use a wireless charger.

    Wireless charging allows you to recharge your battery without a cable, and it does not require a lightning plug.

    It is possible only if your iPhone has wireless charging capabilities. Also that if you own an iPhone 8 and later, you can charge your battery wirelessly.

    Reset All Settings

    Not to be left out, you can attempt to reset the settings on your iPhone. It is possible to reset your settings. Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector fix has been confirmed by Sai and highly recommended to Apple’s technical support team
    Navigate to Settings, then search for General Reset> > Reset All Settings.

    What Does Emergency Override Do?

    If you see the Liquid Detected message pops up on your iPhone, There are two options: “Dismiss” and “Emergency Override.”

    “Dismiss” will remove the warning message from your display and stop your device from being charged. Dismissing is always the best option.

    However, the decision to ignore this option is only advisable if you’re sure there is a problem creating the pop-up or that the port for charging is dry. This will block the message and allow regular iPhone charging once you plug the charging cable.


    The possibility of getting liquid stuck to your smartphone or getting messages that read “Liquid detection in Lightning Connector” without reason can cause an enormous amount of hassle for users. We suggest you follow the techniques we mentioned in the post. Tenorshare is an excellent alternative to ReiBoot to retrieve your iPhone securely. The loss of data won’t cause any issues.

    There is no need to worry about messages disrupting the experience on your smartphone. Simple solutions can be used with Tenorshare ReiBoot to eliminate problems caused by Liquid detection within Lightning Connector.

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