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if you do not see workers in a work zone

    They’re a necessary inconvenience. Even though warning signs warn drivers of new conditions, many do not bother to read these warning signs. The speed limits for work zones are designed to ensure the safety of road workers and drivers safe. Still, Maryland drivers are often cited for driving too fast within designated construction zones. This is why most construction sites in Maryland depend on speed cameras to stop drivers who travel at dangerous speeds.

    Bright white, orange, and yellow signs are visible in these work zones on the highways, often marked with high traffic cones that alert motorists to speed limit enforcement. The characters also show an image of a camera; however, most motorists do not notice or ignore these signs. Other speed-monitoring devices record drivers’ speed when they drive through and flashes whenever drivers exceed the speed limit posted. However, speed cameras across Baltimore collect millions of dollars for the city.


    Slow down, stay alert and be aware of the warning signs. Orange warning signs with diamond shapes are generally posted in advance for road projects. Like that, some work zones, such as line painting, patching roads, and mowing–move along the road when work is finished. If you aren’t able to observe workers right away after warning signs are up doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not out in the open. Use caution when entering construction zones. Cautiousness.

    Be aware of the speed limits posted. Don’t back up to the average speed if you do not see road signs that say it’s safe to proceed.

    Have you seen an official flagger? Be sure to follow their guidelines. If you’re in construction zones, flaggers have similar authority to a regulator sign, which means you can be penalized for not following a flagger’s directions.


    Based on the Maryland Department of Transportation, six people were killed in work zone accidents in Maryland in 2016, while others were injured in incapacitating ways. In general, fatalities in work zones have been reduced substantially to 6.6 per year in the years between 2010 and 2016, in contrast to 11.9 deaths per year between 2003 to 2009.

    AAA Mid-Atlantic has stated that cameras have decreased the number of crashes that occur in work areas and have resulted in lower fines that are paid. In recent years, the revenue from tickets has been down 44.5 percent because most drivers who have been ticketed haven’t repeated the offense. Since the cameras were put in place, the number of vehicles speeding in work zones decreased by 90%. This is in line with a decrease in the overall number of fatalities in these zones.

    What do you need to consider in a situation that requires you to be near a work area?

    Maintenance and construction work close to roads that involve workers and equipment could be pretty distracting.


    • Keep your eyes on the ball and be conscious of your surroundings. Pay attention with all your energy to the road.
    • Pay to your surroundings. Flaggers for work zones and signs help save lives.
    • Combine in the early hours.
    • Beware of distractions. Beware of changing radio stations or using mobile phones while driving within the work zone.
    • Don’t speed. Speed is the most significant contributor to work-related accidents.
    • Be prepared for the unexpected. Be on the lookout for employees and their equipment.
    • Ensure you have enough space between your car and the car ahead of you.
    • It would help if you moved on when you noticed flashing amber light bulbs.
    • Be patient. Keep in mind that the team members work hard to enhance your future.


    Do not follow too closely. The most frequent crash in a work area is a rear-end collision. Be sure to allow yourself at 7 seconds of braking time between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you. As a guideline, it is essential to see the tire’s bottom of the car ahead of you.

    Utilize using the “take 10” method to switch lanes. Make sure you turn on your signal for at least three seconds before starting a lane change. You can use the remaining seven seconds to make the necessary lane changes. Make sure to check your mirrors all the way through.

    Utilize defensive driving methods to protect lives. Maintain an appropriate distance between your car and construction equipment, traffic barriers, or construction personnel. Like you, workers would like to go to their homes safely after a day of work.

    What are the penalties for violations in the construction zone?

    The fines are doubled.

    If you’re caught speeding through a construction zone, the fine you pay could be

    The fines are increased in work zones.

    What kind of accident is most prevalent in workplaces?

    Answer: rear-end collisions

    Accidents in workplaces usually occur as a result of

    Answer: Speeding and carelessness

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    If you are driving through the construction zone, be aware of the following:

    Answer: Slow down and be cautious. Take extra precautions to safeguard yourself and other construction workers.

    If you don’t see people working in a zone,

    Answer: Slow down because lanes can be rough or narrow

    What are the responsibilities of drivers in the workplace?

    Answer: Drive with caution and with respect.

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