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How To Watch Videos While On Call

    Do you need help getting your Android device to play video when using your Phone? It isn’t enjoyable! However, do you know how to Watch Videos while on an Android Call? What about watching videos while on the Phone? If you’re looking for a solution, this post is what you’re searching for.

    Find all the information you require about forcing Android devices to stream videos on your Phone below. Everyone has high hopes for our devices’ power as smartphone users. We want the sound in videos to remain consistent with the background noise, which is just among the many things we want.

    Although we wouldn’t like to, sometimes we face problems using YouTube. For instance, in the case where a crucial phone call is received while watching a YouTube video YouTube, then when we come back to YouTube following the phone call, the buffering has been deleted, and we are forced to begin again.

    In this regard, I’ve offered three alternatives today, including Android, iOS, and Windows phones. For more information, keep reading. If your Phone isn’t able to play videos while you Are on the Phone, do you believe it’s because of the design of your Phone that it can’t play video while you are on your Phone? If so, then you’ll need to utilize third-party applications.

    Do you have the ability to view videos even while Calling?

    You can view videos from your Phone while in the background and not have to pay extra for premium YouTube!

    When we use our phones, we’d like to listen to the music played while closing the application to make an appointment.

    Sometimes, it could be better for a YouTube tutorial to stop when trying to find other websites to investigate.

    It’s a gratifyingly possible feat, regardless of whether you own an Android or iPhone.

    How to watch Videos while on a call

    There are numerous third-party apps accessible on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store that allows viewers to view videos while calling. The apps employ various strategies like picture-in-picture mode to permit playing back videos with no interference to the current Call.

    Through Video Call Screen

    Video Call Screen is a popular app that lets users view videos on their phones. It uses picture–in–picture modes to display video content in smaller windows that can be moved around on the screen according to user preference. It allows users to browse their videos while not interrupting conversations.

    Utilizing Internet browsers

    Browsers on the web, like Google Chrome, can also be utilized to play videos and make calls. The browsers have built-in media players to play video content independently of the Phone’s leading media player. This allows them to overcome the restriction that they cannot stream videos while on calls.

    Google Chrome is known for its powerful multitasking capabilities. Switching to an alternative app or initiating a call is possible when you open a video on Chrome, after which you can play it back. The video will play in the background; then, you can return once the conversation ends.

    How can I Enable Video Playback during calls?

    The first step in resolving the problem of not having the ability to play video when calling is to delete the cache and data of the apps on your Phone. Clearing out the cache and data will help fix any issues that could cause the issue. After you have cleared the cache and data, you can restart your device and apply the adjustments.

    Utilizing the Video Call Screen Application

    First, download the Video Call Screen app on the Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Once it’s installed, you can open the app and grant permissions. Launch your Video Call Screen app and select the desired video to view if you’re in an incoming call. It will play on an uninvolved, small screen that won’t disrupt the Call.

    Utilizing Google Chrome

    If you want to use Google Chrome for watching videos while on calls, begin by playing the video on Google Chrome. You can change to another app or make a phone call when the video begins to play. The video will continue playing in the background, allowing users to return after your phone conversation. If the video is paused during a call, pull down the notification shade, then press play to play the notification for the media player.

    How to watch Videos while On Call with an iPhone

    You only need to place your iPhone in speaker mode to watch videos with your iPhone. Here’s how:

    You can click the speaker icon if you’re in contact with another person.

    Go home and swipe up. You can now chat with your family and friends or check Instagram for YouTube videos while taking a phone call.

    That’s all there is to it. Now, you can stream videos on your iPhone.


    The latest smartphones and tablets enable you to multitask as a professional; we’ve become accustomed to being capable of performing multiple tasks while using our gadgets!

    It is true that playing videos during a call or doing other work is challenging since the device can stop the video when we use another function.

    However, there are many methods to prevent your smartphone from doing this.


    Do I have the ability to play video while in a conversation using or on any Android device?

    This function is supported on the majority of Android smartphones. But, specific older models may have a different feature. Be sure to verify your device’s specs to ensure compatibility.

    Are there videos that I can play from an app called?

    You can stream videos on any application which has this feature. The most popular video streaming apps, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, can play videos.

    Do I have the ability to alter the size or position of the video’s window?

    The dimensions and location of the video windows can’t be changed. The size is fixed and is always at the top of the display.

    Do I have to use this feature for both video and audio calls?

    Yes, you can use this feature for both video and audio calls. For video calls, the video window can replace the standard screen of the Call.

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