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How To View Snapchat Story without Them Knowing On iPhone

    Snapchat is among the most used social media platforms around the globe. Millions of people use it to share videos, photos, and messages with other Snapchat users. There are a variety of Snapchat options you could utilize to boost your users’ engagement on Snapchat, for example, being able to share multiple images and videos simultaneously.

    If you’re viewing Snapchat Stories in the app and wondering how to access the other person’s Snapchat Stories without the person knowing the Story, this blog post could be what you’re searching for. In this article, we’ll explore the options and some valuable suggestions.

    What are Snapchat Stories?

    Snapchat Stories are similar to Facebook and Instagram stories. Snapchat stories work similarly to Instagram and Facebook stories, which are stored in your account for 24 hours. Then, after 24 hours, the Story will be deleted instantly. It is possible to put any content, from videos to simple photos or even a filter story, into Snapchat’s account.

    After users have started watching your post, you can press the small eye button and get an overview of the people who have viewed your Story. Be aware that only close friends (those whom you’re acquaintances with Snapchat) and Snapchat) have access to your posts.

    Now, let’s look at how to watch stories on Snapchat without the user’s knowledge.

    How can you access your Snapchat Story with Mobi?

    xMobi is a compelling application that allows you to access someone else’s Snapchat account, the private messages they send, and their stories.

    This advanced technology provides remote access to manage the account. This makes it easy to access and easy for anyone with internet access.

    OInternete’s most essential advantage of xMobi is accessing all incoming and outgoing messages from the hacker’s account.

    It allows you to view conversations that the person you are targeting has been having with families and friends, giving an insight into their personal lives.

    xMobi permits you to modify the compromised password for your account should you lose your account.

    One of the benefits of using xMobi is its capability to view all pictures and video files that are not visible to the user.

    This function lets you access any information the targeted person has shared with you privately.

    In addition, xMobi enables you to access the private friends list of the hacker’s account. This gives them an extensive view of the person’s social networks.

    Mobi was created to be simple and requires previous information technology or hacking knowledge.

    The system is flexible and allows you to manage your account at any time with access to the Internet.

    TInternetize advanced encryption techniques and a high-quality data protection system to guarantee that every hack occurs confidentially.

    Mobi is among the most efficient Snapchat hacking tools for hacking Snapchat accounts.

    Enter your Snapchat username on their site, and in seconds, you can access all the necessary information to hack any account.

    This is due to xMobi’s engineers’ many hours designing the perfect algorithm and creating server configuration.

    View Someone’s Snapchat Story Anonymously (Without Notifying Them)

    We will demonstrate how Snapchat functions in just a couple of steps so that you can watch Snapchat stories in privacy!

    Step 1. LaStart the Snapchat application and then sign into Snapchat by using the username you created and your password.

    Step 2: Then select the Stories icon in the upper right corner.

    Step 3: Once you are on the Stories page, Refresh the page, and then allow Stories to be loaded. It is essential not to open the Story. Otherwise, the user is notified of the experience via the Story page.

    Step 4 After all of your posts have been posted, Close the Snapchat application and switch off mobile data by hand. If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, you must also turn it off. If you’re wondering what we can do, learn more about how Snapchat provides users with content.

    Step 5:Place your phone in aeroplane mode rather than shut off the different settings.

    Step 6: Next, launch the Snapchat application on your mobile. Click the Story icon in the lower right to open Snapchat Stories in private.

    Step 7: You can access every Story that different Snapchat users upload. Snapchat.

    Step 8: Now, you can select one of the preloaded stories to see the other’s Snapchat Story without their permission. Ensure your phone is on aeroplane mode and you’ve turned off the data on your mobile device or Wi-Fi while watching the clip.

    Step 9: After completing every Story on Snapchat, close Snapchat and turn to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

    Can You See Someone’s Snapchat Profile Without Being Their Friend

    It is only possible to look at someone else’s Snapchat profile by having them added as a friend.

    You won’t be taken to their profile when you click the person’s name. Instead, you’ll see an Add as a friend button.

    If their story settings can be set to anyone, it is possible to see their Story, but not when they’re with friends.

    Before you can view their Snapchat score, you’ll need to be a friend of the person.

    Watch the Snapchat Story without them knowing through Third-Party.

     Apps Another option to access Snapchat’s Snapchat account without the user’s awareness is to use third-party applications. These are the most famous and well-known apps from third parties that are commonly utilized. The apps search the Snapchat posts of people’s Snapchat accounts without the users noticing. 


    MSpy is a highly-rated online surveillance application you can use on any platform. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate. 


    Spyzie is an application to spy on you employed with both your smartphone and your personal computer. Spyzie offers the ability to track and is equipped with numerous options. Spyzie has an array of parental control choices. Spyzie has an excellent user interface that is easy to comprehend, which is an ideal choice.


    The Cocospy application is astonishing because it’s free and has a lot of capabilities. Cocospy lets you view individuals’ stories, and the people who wrote them will never be aware of them throughout their lifetime. In addition to seeing their tales, it lets you see other users’ photos, messages, snaps received or sent, and more. Cocospy is highly recommended for use in commercial settings due to its user-friendly interface. It’s highly flexible and can be used on both Android and iOS.


    SpyFone is an excellent application for spying that allows you to see an individual’s Snapchat account without their knowledge. It’s a fantastic app that offers numerous options and a broad choice of social media applications. It’s a highly recommended application for parents who are responsible for an obligation to monitor the health of those they care for.


    FlexiSpy is the most well-known software for spying that pries into applications of other users across different platforms. While it’s not accessible at no cost and comes with high-end features and prices, it is priced due to its incredible options. Furthermore, FlexiSpy can access SMS features too. FlexiSpy is accessible through platforms such as iOS, Androids, and PC. If you use it often, the app is advantageous for you.


    You can be a user who views Snapchat Stories without having your friends.

    It’s only possible to read an individual’s Story being on the friend’s list.

    We can find out the number of times that a story was viewed.

    It’s not there—the Story. Check whether a particular level was observed or the Story was reported anonymously.


    Snapchat is among the most popular Social Media platforms. Snapchat has a base of 229 million worldwide users.

    Sometimes, there is an obligation to look at Snapchat videos without the user’s knowledge. For example, if you’re looking to track your child’s actions or even the content uploaded on Snapchat, it is possible to use one of these methods.

    Using the Airplane Mode method is the ideal method that is secure and also secure.

    The article concludes with how to view an individual’s Snapchat stories without revealing their identity. Comment below if you have found these strategies helpful or find a different method of doing this.

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