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How To Use Bitmoji On Whatsapp On iphone

    Utilizing Bitmoji is a standard feature on Snapchat; however, when you use WhatsApp, there is a chance that you are interested in whether you can send a sticker to your WhatsApp acquaintances is feasible.

    Bitmoji brings fun into conversations and can be employed for different moods and events.

    Bitmojis are a fantastic option to rekindle the excitement on WhatsApp. There is an option to use the most popular Snapchat Bitmoji on WhatsApp.

    Quick Answer

    To utilize Bitmoji to use Bitmoji on WhatsApp First, install the Bitmoji app via either the App Store or the Play Store. After downloading the app, go to your settings and enable Bitmoji to be a part of your Keyboard. Bitmojis are a part of the Keyboard, under different languages and input. Launch WhatsApp and open to the Bitmoji keyboard by pressing”globe. When you’ve done that, and it’s copied, it’ll be saved into a text file, which you can then copy and then click the”send” button.

    The first step is to discuss the possibility that WhatsApp permits the exchange of Bitmoji. Then, we’ll go over how to add Bitmoji in WhatsApp and transfer them to friends via Android and iPhone. So, let’s get started!

    How to Get a Bitmoji Keyboard on iPhone

    If you’ve installed the Bitmoji app on your iPhone and created an account for your Bitmoji avatar, you can include your Bitmoji keyboard on your iPhone. 

    This is how you can get the Bitmoji keyboard for your iPhone:

    • Install the Bitmoji application from the store for apps if you don’t have it previously.
    • Navigate to Settings, scroll down to General, then tap.
    • Scroll to the bottom, then tap Keyboard.
    • Tap Keyboards.
    • Tap Add New Keyboard.
    • Tap Bitmoji.
    • Tap Bitmoji.
    • Click the toggle to allow Full Access.
    • Tap Allow.

    How to Use the Bitmoji Keyboard on iPhone

    After downloading the Bitmoji app and integrating it into your Bitmoji keyboard, you’re now ready to send Bitmoji out to your contacts. They can be accessed via your regular iPhone keyboard in the same manner that you can access emojis and photos and change on the Bitmoji keyboard when you’re having difficulty finding the correct one.

    Learn how to make use of Bitmojis as well as the Bitmoji keyboard from your iPhone:

    • Start a new message and press the globe icon on the Keyboard’s lower right.
    • Press the ABC on the right side of the Keyboard.
    • Click the Bitmoji you would like to apply.
    • TIP: Tap the search bar to look for a particular Bitmoji and the category icon to search for specific Bitmojis or even the icons to write messages without returning to the standard iPhone keyboard.
    • Hold and tap in the text box, then choose Paste.

    Your Bitmoji is waiting to go out.

    How do I enable Bitmoji on WhatsApp Android?

    Step 1. Step 1: Download Bitmoji Your Emoji from the Play Store.

    Step 2: Once you have downloaded the application, install it on the device you downloaded it on. Android devices.

    Step 3: Open Settings on your Android device.

    Step 4: Click on your system settings.

    Step 5: Select input and languages.

    Step 6: Click on the on-screen Keyboard in the keyboard area.

    Step 7: Tap on Manage on-screen keyboards.

    You can check out the new additions to Bitmoji keyboards on Android devices. By default, you can turn off Bitmoji keyboards in Android.

    Step 8: Switch to your Bitmoji keyboard.

    It is possible to see a pop-up screen that says: Attention!

    Step 9: Tap on OK.

    Reminder: After rebooting, the Bitmoji application will start once you unlock your device.

    Step 10: Toggled on Bitmoji Keyboard

    Now, enable Bitmoji on the Android phone keyboard. Additionally, follow the steps to switch to Bitmoji Keyboard for Android.

    Final Words

    We hope you enjoy our post about using Bitmoji in WhatsApp on iPhone. Bitmoji allows you to make enhanced customized emojis based on your style. Although you can send Bitmojis from within the application, it’s easier to include them in messages using your Keyboard on the iPhone. But installing the app won’t automatically allow you to add Bitmoji to your Keyboard. You’ll need to add them yourself.

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