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How To Upload High Quality Videos On Instagram

    If you upload videos or photos onto Instagram, you may know that specific information changes once you have it on your profile. 

    While Instagram allows you to upload high-quality images, there’s an option to make them better by stopping any modifications from occurring.

    Why are my Instagram videos Blurred after I Upload?

    The Instagram compression algorithm can be one of the main reasons for destroying the quality of your videos. This is to conserve bandwidth and storage space. Instagram isn’t the cloud storage that can store your videos. It is a media-sharing application and a social networking platform. This means it does not mean storing all the data from the video file uploaded.

    After you upload a video, it will calculate the file’s size and compresses it to an acceptable resolution and size to store it in the cloud. What’s the proper size and resolution? These requirements vary and are contingent on how you upload the video.

    If you decide to upload a 10-minute video on IGTV, the file size must be less than 700MB. It is because a 10-minute video recorded by iPhone 11 can be about 2GB. If the original file exceeds the Instagram video’s requirements and is compressed, it is resized. To post a video on the Instagram Feed-in, the footage shot in 4K will be stretched to 1080p with 480P/720P being increased to 1080p resolution. As you can imagine, the video blurs.

    Fast Fix: To prevent Instagram from damaging your video’s high quality because of its flawed compression algorithm, compress the footage before comparing it to Instagram specifications. It can be achieved with the help of an advanced video processing program, VideoProc Converter. It offers complete solutions for Instagram videos. It includes editing compression, resizing fix, as well as downloading.

    How can you make high-quality video uploads to Instagram?

    If you’re using an Android smartphone or iPhone, start Instagram, the official app. (Note that this may look different when you use other versions.)

    • log in first, and go to your Instagram profile. It is accessible by tapping the icon of your profile on the right side of your screen.
    • Then, click the menu with three dots in the upper-right
    • Go into Settings > Account
    • After that, you can tap or data use (iOS) as well as Cellular Data usage (Android)
    • Then, turn to Upload with the top quality

    If you’re using the internet, your video will be uploaded in the best quality, regardless of how poor the connection is. The more problematic the link, the longer the upload time will be; therefore, you’ll have to be patient, mainly when uploading a lengthy video.

    Enabling high-quality Instagram loads in iOS

    iPhone users and iPad users must adhere to these steps to permit uploading of quality videos:

    • Click the Instagram icon on your home screen to start Instagram. Instagram application.
    • You must touch the icon of your profile in the upper right corner of your screen to access your private profile.
    • The three points are on the left side of the screen. After that, you will see several options.
    • Click “Configuration” at the top of the screen.
    • Click “Account” followed by “data use. Alternatively, you can seek data use.”
    • There are two options. Choose the alternative at the “High-Quality Loads” center; the button will change to blue after activation. That’s all.

    The quality of your uploads is now higher regardless of the connection you’re using, mobile or WiFi connection. How do you upload quality videos on Instagram?


    What types of videos are you able to upload on Instagram?

    IGTV video should be an MP4 video that’s longer than one minute. It should be less than 15 minutes when uploading via your mobile or 60 minutes if you upload from your internet—aspect ratio of either 16:9 or 9:16. Minimum frame rate: 30FPS. The resolution minimum is at least 720P. Maximum file size can be 700MB (10 minutes, not less) or 3.6GB (up to 60mins).

    The Instagram feed video you are sharing should be recorded in the format of MOV or MP4. Duration of video: between 3 and 60 minutes. Aspect ratio of 1:91:1 (landscape), 1:1 (square), and 4.05 (vertical). The Max frame rate is 30FPS. Max Resolution: 1080P. Maximum File Size of 4 GB.

    The Instagram Story video must be an MP4 or MOV video of less than 15 seconds. Aspect ratio 9:16. Minimum frame rate: 30FPS. Maximum file size: 4GB.

    What can I do to upload HDR videos on Instagram?

    Instagram will accept HDR videos but automatically converts HDR to SDR whenever you upload the videos online. This is also why HDR videos appear muddy on Instagram.

    Final Words

    It isn’t an uploading option in the Instagram desktop apps and the website. For uploading high-quality videos to Instagram:

    • Modify the video following the steps above, and transfer the video to your phone.
    • Don’t send the video to an email address.
    • Make use of a USB or a file transfer program.

    In addition to converting video, VideoProc Converter can perform various video editing functions, such as cutting or cutting, merging, splitting, deshaking, denoising, adding special effects, and many more. It is a simple operation for beginners. It can also convert DVDs to digital format, digitize audio, music, and videos from various websites, and even record the webcam screen.

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