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How To Update iPhone Without WiFi

    Have you ever wondered what you can do to upgrade your iPhone with no WiFi? As an avid iOS user, I’ve been asking myself this exact problem. It’s sometimes not feasible to connect your phone to a fast WiFi connection. You can use your data from cellular to use with an update to your phone.

    As per Apple, OS updates require the use of WiFi to avoid instability and issues with reliability. If this doesn’t work for you and you must upgrade your iPhone, check out this post for some tips to get around this Apple rule.

    How do I update my iPhone without WiFi?

    Alongside introducing new features, updates to the software can also boost the performance of your device, as well as bring bugs and security patches. It’s essential to upgrade your iPhone often. So, why would you upgrade your iPhone when there is no internet connection or you are experiencing network downtime? Yes, of course you should. There are many ways you could follow to accomplish the same.

    Update iPhone Using Cellular Data

    If there isn’t WiFi available, you may prefer the ease of using cellular data for downloading and installing updates to your software on your iPhone. The only thing you have to do is ensure that your Internet speed is sufficient and you have adequate bandwidth for downloading the Update.

    • Scroll down to the Control Center on your iPhone.
    • Click on the Cellular Data toggle to turn on.
    • After connecting the device to the internet, launch the Settings application.
    • Select General. Then, tap on General. Software Update followed her.
    • If an upgrade is in the pipeline, there will be a Download and Install button. Click on it.

    Refresh the iPhone Software Using Mobile Data/Hotspot.

    Updating your iPhone to the most recent version depends on the internet to be connected. It is possible to test using initial data from your phone to complete the requirements for upgrading.

    Before completing the instructions below, ensure you’ve got enough cell data to last the month. If it is not enough, it could result in more charges. Be sure to ensure that you’re iPhone has at least 50% remaining battery; otherwise, it could be shut off halfway through.

    How can I do you update iOS using the latest cellular data?

    • Connect the cellular network for your iPhone and then open Settings. Settings app.
    • Go to the General tab and then Software Update. If you can download an update, press the Download and Install button and follow the on-screen prompts to download the program.
    • Once downloaded, click Install Now to download the upgrade immediately.

    The iPhone’s screen will be black, and it will show the Apple logo while you install it. When the process is complete, the iPhone will reboot and require a password. You must enter the passcode. You’ll have the latest iOS version right now.

    Connect your iPhone to public WiFi networks for the latest updates.

    If you cannot connect to WiFi at home, benefit from accessible WiFi networks to refresh your iPhone.

    Here’s how to make changes to your iPhone with public WiFi networks:

    • Look for a spot with an open WiFi service, including a nearby cafe, library, or a public internet hotspot.
    • If you’re using an iPhone, Go to the “Settings” app and click “WiFi”.
    • Turn to the WiFi option and scan for network connections.
    • Choose the open WiFi service from the list of networks. When asked, input your login credentials.
    • After connecting with the network’s public WiFi network, launch the “Settings” application and navigate into “General” >> “Software Updating”.
    • If you can download an update, tap “Download then Install”.
    • When asked for your password, accept the conditions and terms, as well as follow the screen instructions for completing the upgrade.

    Connecting to public WiFi networks could be an efficient and affordable method of updating your iPhone if you don’t have access to your personal WiFi network. But remember that public WiFi networks can not always be secured; therefore, use cautiousness when connecting to them and avoid entering sensitive information.

    In addition, the WiFi networks that are public might have limitations, including low speeds or limits on time that could impact the installation and Download of iOS updates. Also, it is essential to know any terms or restrictions that are associated with the use of open WiFi networks to ensure security.


    The process of updating your iPhone is crucial to guarantee greater functionality, better security, as well as access to the most recent features. Although WiFi is the most popular way to update your iPhone, there are many other options to consider if you don’t have a WiFi connection.

    Utilizing cellular data through iTunes, making a personalized hotspot and connecting to the public WiFi network, and using temporary hotspots or sharing data, you can keep your iPhone current regardless of WiFi.

    Make sure to take into consideration your mobile data plan’s limits and make sure you’ve got enough data before updating your iPhone with wireless data or using temporary hotspots. Also, you should be aware of any conditions or terms applicable to the public WiFi networks and data-sharing services offered by your mobile service provider.

    No matter what way you go about it, frequent updates to the software are essential for your iPhone to run at its best and ensure the protection that you have on your iPhone. Ensure you maintain your iPhone’s software to utilize the most current capabilities and bug fixes.

    Be aware that connecting to WiFi networks or using mobile data to update your device could result in data usage and fees, so it’s advised to be mindful of the data you use and ensure you connect to secured networks as often as possible.

    With the various options you have, it is easy to make changes to your iPhone and keep up-to-time with the newest software, even if the WiFi connection isn’t available.

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