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how to turn off safesearch on iphone

    SafeSearch is an integrated feature built into your iPhone and other search engines that remove inappropriate and unsuitable content. But there are times when you might decide to disable this feature to enjoy a limitless browsing experience.

    Disabling this feature can provide access to explicit content and lead malicious websites to come to your home. This feature can be disabled through your phone’s settings or Google’s search feature.

    What’s wrong with my ability to turn off SafeSearch?

    There are several reasons you may not be able to switch off SafeSearch. The account you have assigned is “private,” so only you can view the results, or your administrator could have activated SafeSearch for everyone on your network. SafeSearch might be turned off to shield minors from harmful content if you’re on an open computer.

    Turning Off SafeSearch on Non-Safari Browsers

    If you’re an iPhone user who isn’t interested in using Safari as their primary browser to browse the internet, then we have you covered. For this tutorial, we’ll use the Google Chrome Browser as it is one of the most well-known alternatives to Safari available. To turn off the SafeSearch in Chrome:

    Open the Chrome App.
    Click the three dots on the right-hand bottom of your display.
    In your settings, Tap on Sync and Google Services.

    Once in the computer, check for an option to turn off the safe Browsing option. Make sure you switch it off, and you’ll be done with removing your SafeSearch. If you cannot use this method, you can go into your Google and switch off the detailed search in your search box.

    The SafeSearch filter contains many graphic and violent content available to its users. If you’re insensitive to these types of content, it could be a good idea not to switch it off.

    To turn on detailed search from your search bar, type After pressing Enter, Chrome will take you to the Explicative Search Filter. Switch off the filter, and then your SafeSearch will be turned off too.

    How can I disable SafeSearch on the iPhone?

    As previously mentioned, you aren’t able to play or browse websites if you’ve blocked it on the settings of your device. It functions as a security filter for your device, preventing users from opening harmful applications and websites. It is possible to disable it by adjusting the settings under Screen Time.

    But the screen time may be password-protected. So, you will need to input the password to access these settings. Once you have logged in, you can disable the restrictions for web content.

    Start the device’s Settings.
    Scroll down, and look at Screen Time. Tap on it.
    Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
    Turn off the Content and Privacy Restrictions If you cannot enable them. Next, Click on Content Restrictions.
    Tap on Web Content.
    Be sure to select Unrestricted access to switch off the secure search.

    Why can’t I turn off SafeSearch on My iPhone?

    If you’ve attempted to disable the SafeSearch feature in Safari and you are still unable to access the unfiltered content on Google, it could be the following causes:

    Clear Cache
    When changing the SafeSearch option in Safari, Google caches on devices may cause issues. Clear your cache using the “More Tools” option on Google.

    Remove History
    If the hack earlier did not work, erase your history using the same method and try it again.

    Using an Older Version
    iPhone is renowned for its regular updates, but if you’re running the older versions of iOS running the Safari application on the device, this could be why you’re unable to disable the SafeSearch for Google.

    What happens if my child discovers an app that evades safe search?

    A: Apple has a section on its website devoted to “App Store Review Guidelines” that lists apps deemed dangerous or insensitive. If your child searches for an application that is not safe searches, it will be immediately flagged and taken off this store, Apple. The only way that your child would be able to install an app similar to this is when they find it by themselves. Therefore you shouldn’t be concerned about them finding it by themselves.

    What’s the reason Google blocked my search results?

    There are a variety of reasons why Google has blocked your search results. One possible reason may be that your Internet Protocol (IP) address, personal computer, or mobile device is restricted by Google. Another possibility is to are requesting a service that is only available in certain regions.

    How can I disable filtering on content?

    You can deactivate the content filtering feature on your devices through the identical process. Tap Settings.Tap General.Tap Restrictions. Tap to enable Restrictions if they aren’t enabled. Enter your password when prompted. Under”Allowed Content,” under the “Allowed Content” section, select Websites. Tap the toggle on the right side of “Content Filtering” to turn off content filtering.

    How can I disable SafeSearch for Safari on Mac?

    To disable Safari parental control on a Mac, you must click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Screen Time and then switch off the Content and Privacy toggle.


    Although the iPhone is generally considered a safer device than the Android, it’s vital to monitor what your children are doing on their devices and ensure they remain secure online. You can utilize the parental controls included in iOS to assist you by turning off safe search. This will stop your child from being exposed to adult-related content and keep them safe online. If you want to protect your children while they use their smartphones at their leisure, ensure they know how to switch off safe searches.

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