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how to turn off pop up blocker on mac

    Pop-ups are a dual-edged sword. Some like them, while others dislike their use; some people find them helpful, while some find them annoying. However, it is a given fact that some websites offer interesting content displayed in these pop-ups.

    Pop-ups are windows that get redirected to or appear when surfing a site. Many websites, particularly those selling online, utilize this technique to engage and attract attention from their visitors. Whether you enjoy them or want to eliminate them, this article will aid you in reaching your goals.

    Learn ways to remove the blocker on pop-ups for macOS in the Safari, Edge, and Chrome browsers. You can also disable or permit pop-ups on certain websites, which allows users to turn off the pop-up blocking only for specific websites and still allow it to be enabled for other websites.

    Do you need to disable pop-up blockers in browsers?

    Although pop-ups are among the most disliked aspects of the internet, they are generally beneficial. They allow you to interact with websites with greater ease.

    For instance, if you’re trying to sign up for the latest service and have to enter your credit card details, A pop-up window will verify that the data has been correct when you fill out the form.

    But they could also be harmful and hazardous. They may entice you to download unwanted software or redirect you to dangerous websites.

    It’s up to you. However, I suggest that you only permit pop-ups from reliable websites. The benefit is that browsers such as Chrome allow you to control the websites you can let pop-ups on and the ones you should disable.

    How to Block Pop-Ups on Mac?

    If you often use Safari on your Mac, You’ve probably observed that the blocker for pop-ups has been turned off by default. This can be a problem because it could limit your ability to access specific websites and services. Here’s how you can allow pop-ups in Safari.

    In Safari In Safari, click Safari.

    Click to change your preferences.

    Click to visit websites.

    Scroll down until you can click to open the pop-up Windows.

    Select the dropdown box next to Visit other websites.

    If you want to allow pop-up window pop-ups on specific websites, you can follow the next steps for the website listed above.

    Click Allow.

    How to block pop-ups on Chrome on Mac

    If you’re using Chrome as your default browser on your Mac, blocking pop-ups is as simple as going to the settings screen of Chrome and turning the option to turn off pop-ups. Here’s how to do it:

    Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of Chrome and then select Settings.
    Click Security & Privacy on the left side and select Site Settings from the right pane.
    Scroll down and then click on Pop-ups and redirects.
    Click the radio button below. Sites can display pop-ups and redirects to turn off the pop-up blocker in Chrome.
    Deleting the pop-up blocker in Chrome.

    How do you allow pop-ups to be displayed in Safari for a specific website?

    If you wish to permit pop-ups for only a few websites — or one specific website You can use Safari’s pop-up blocker.

    Go to the website you want to let pop-ups appear from
    Visit the Safari Preferences
    Go to the Websites tab.
    Click on the link ‘Pop-up Windows in the sidebar.
    Select the website from the list, open its dropdown, and choose “Allow.’

    If you want to avoid visiting the site every time and only allow pop-ups, the best option is to use AdLock. It is an ad blocker that blocks pop-ups, advertisements, and other alerts on the web and has an Allow List, where you can add any website with pop-ups.

    How to disable the Popup Blocker on Internet Explorer

    Start the Internet Explorer browser on your personal computer.
    Choose the similar gear Settings icon in the upper right corner, and then select Internet Options.
    Select Privacy within the open Internet Options window.
    Uncheck the box that says “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” option to turn off pop-up blockers of the Internet Explorer browser.

    How do you turn off the Pop-Up Blocker within Firefox on Mac?

    Firefox uses the same procedure for blocking pop-ups as Google Chrome. In the settings menu, clear the appropriate option, and you’re done. Here’s how:

    To open Firefox, click on three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner. Select Settings.
    Click Privacy & Security on the left.
    Scroll down to clear the box beside the pop-up block windows.
    Enable the pop-up blocker within Firefox.
    If you want to allow pop-ups from specific sites, but keep all other sites off, go to”Exceptions” and add your website to the list of exclusions.

    Why do pop-up windows not work on my Mac?

    Review Safari settings and security preferences. Check the Safari settings and security preferences. Safari security preferences are specifically Block Pop-ups, which is for pop-up windows, and the fraudulent website Warn.

    How do you right-click on the Mac?

    Control-clicking on the Mac is similar to right-clicking on the Windows computer. It’s the way to open the shortcut (or the contextual) menus on the Mac. Control-click: Hold and press the Control key when you click an object. For instance, you can control-click an image, window or toolbar, desktop, or any other item.

    Closing up

    The process of disabling pop-up blockers is simple. The tricky part is distinguishing between legitimate pop-ups as well as malware that is disguised as legitimate pop-ups. So, when you browse the internet with no pop-up blocker installed, be vigilant. Get Clario’s security application and ensure your information and Privacy are secure throughout the day. Try a free trial of 7 days today, with or without a credit card required.

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