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How To Turn Off Messenger Sound On iPhone

    While enjoying a quiet moment when sipping a cup of coffee and taking a break to read a book at the end of a Sunday night, Do you wish to be bombarded with the constant ping and ding of Messenger? Although you can’t prevent your family and friends from their messages, you can protect yourself from being surrounded by endless messages. Today’s post will show the steps to shut off the sound notifications available within Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger app on iPhone. Let’s get started.

    How do you turn off Messenger sound effects for Android and iOS?


    To turn off Facebook Messenger notification sounds on Android, You must follow these steps:

    • Start Facebook Messenger and tap your profile photo at the top left, and you’ll be taken to the main settings menu.
    • Click on the Notifications and Sounds menu under the Preferences.
    • click “On” or the “On” toggle at the top of the screen to turn off all Sound emanating via Messenger.

    In the same way, you can switch off vibrating or disable notifications entirely. In this manner, you will only be aware of new messages once you manually verify using the Messenger application.

    If u want to switch off the notification sound of Facebook Messenger, P, you may need to learn how to change these sounds (if you’re frustrated by getting the same Sound repeatedly).


    To turn off Facebook Messenger notification sounds on iOS, The first method is to open the application. After that, click the Home tab, then click on the Profile Icon (found in the upper left corner) > Notifications> Notifications within Messenger and then Sound. It’s that simple.

    Switch off Messenger alerts for all messages.

    Desktop app

    • Find your profile photo at the bottom left, after which click Preferences.
    • Click Notifications.
    • Use the toggle to Don’t Disturb to turn the notifications off.

    Desktop web (

    • Select your profile image at the bottom left, after which click Preferences.
    • If you hear a sound, select the switch under Do not disturb.
    • Decide how long you’d like to silence notifications, then press Next.

    You can turn off notifications only for one conversation.

    Desktop app

    • Let the conversation begin.
    • Just click in the upper right.
    • Click Mute.
    • Decide how long you’d like to silence notifications and select”Confirm.

    Desktop web (

    • Below Chats, you can hover over the chat.
    • Then Click Mute notifications.
    • Decide how long you’d like to silence notifications. Then select Mute.

    Can I Turn Off All of the Annoying Sounds?

    You can also hear other sounds on the Facebook application besides the like button. If you’re not happy with them, you can turn off those sounds using the instructions below for the iOS and Android Facebook mobile applications.


    What is the reason my Facebook’s sounds are too high?

    Changes to Facebook and Messenger apps. Messenger and Facebook applications could introduce bugs that cause notifications and other sounds louder than usual. If reducing the volume does not resolve the problem, you should find out if an updated version exists.

    What can I do to change the Sound of the Facebook notification tone?

    The Android version of Facebook allows you to select an alternative tone for app notifications. Click the More menu (three lines) > Settings and Privacy > Settings > Notifications Push (under the notification area you get) > Tone, and select the Sound you’d like to hear.

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