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how to turn off family sharing

    How to turn off Apple family sharing or remove the family member
    This Family Sharing feature is useful. However, there are times when you may have to turn it off or eliminate members.

    Written by Krima Desai September 4, 2021 – A person with an iPhone at the desk, using FacebookImage from Unsplash

    There is a Family Sharing feature on Apple devices that can be fantastic for families; however, giving youngsters access to shared content and purchases isn’t always ideal. Turning off the part or excluding particular family members from the quality is possible.

    Generally speaking, this feature lets users allow sharing of access to Apple gadgets and purchase with other people, typically family members. This includes access to the shared photo album and the data saved on an iCloud server. Additionally, it is beneficial to families due to family sharing. Sharing allows parents and children to share their locations with others in the Family.

    Remove family members or leave the group. members

    Family Safety App Microsoft account

    There are various ways families and their organizers to go or be excluded from a Microsoft family group based on their position.

    Before departure from the group, organizers and family members must remove saved locations and location alerts if they do not want to be part of the group. Location alerts should be deleted by the person who has set them up for saved locations to be removed. Being removed or leaving the group of family members will not remove Microsoft accounts.

    You should be removed from the family group.

    Anyone in the Family who is 13 or over* may take themselves out of any family group. When you’ve got Screen Time turned on for your account, your family organizer has to be able to remove you.

    • You’re using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Tap your name and then tap Family Sharing.
    • You can tap your names.
    • Tap Stop using Family Sharing.
    • Take someone out of your family group.

    The family organizer can take anyone 13 years old or over(*) from the group if you have to transfer one kid to another household.

    You’re using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Tap your name, Then tap Family Sharing.
    • Click on it to enter the surname of the person in the Family you would like to get rid of.
    • Tap Remove [your family member’s names to remove them from your Family.

    How to turn off family Sharing

    If you’re the one who organizes, follow these steps within the gadget’s Settings app to disable Family Sharing for everyone:

    Launch Settings. Open the Settings app.

    Choose your name at the center of the page. Then, select Family Sharing. To access Family Sharing on iOS 10.2 or higher, go to the iCloud menu > Family.

    Enter your name once more and then choose Stop Family Sharing.

    How to Separate the Family Sharing Group you are in

    Only family organizers can dissolve the Family Sharing group. When a group is disbanded, it will eliminate all members simultaneously. For this, you can use the device you use to do this: iPhone or tablet:

    • Go to Settings.
    • Enter your username.
    • Select Family Sharing. And then choose your name.
    • You can choose to stop using Family Sharing.

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