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how to turn off active status on snapchat

    Snapchat activity indicator lets users of other Snapchat users view your Activity on Snapchat with orange dots. The feature, however, is only appreciated by some, and you would like to know how to switch off the Snapchat activation indicator.

    If you’re one of these, this article will teach you how to switch off Snapchat Activity Indicators. To learn the best way to turn off Snapchat activity indicator on Snapchat, go into “Settings”>tap “Activity Indicator”>and turn it off “Off.” There is plenty more information regarding this latest update. Understanding the best way to turn off the Snapchat activity indicator is important. Read more in the follow-up following.

    What is Snapchat’s Activity Indicator?

    The Snapchat Activity Indicator is a device that lets users know whether they’ve used Snapchat recently. But, it will show if you’re active on Snapchat.

    If you switch to the Activity Indicator in Snapchat, Your friends will see an orange dot in front of your Bitmoji. The dot indicates that you’re actively engaging with Snapchat right now.

    This function is intended to allow you to be more transparent and transparent since it displays your current status to the public while letting users know that you’re using the application.

    What can you do to hide your Facebook Status Online On Snapchat?

    Snap is an excellent application to keep your family and friends from knowing you’re using it. To keep your friends from being informed that you are using the app, disable Snapchat’s Show My Activity Status feature on the application. This prevents your followers from seeing that you’re using Snapchat. However, it also stops your friends from seeing you’re using Snapchat.

    Click the Select Contacts button if you only wish to view only the contacts chosen. Select Add Contact from the Add Contacts menu if you want to add a contact to your existing list. Then, you can move on. WhatsApp is a messaging application that lets you connect with family and friends while on the move. Settings in the app allow users to control who can view your Last Seen and online status. You can display your Last Seen status to any, including my contacts, my contacts (except the ones you choose to display) and nobody. Alongside showing your online and last seen status, you can add contacts or remove them.

    How do you hide the Last Seen or Active Status from Specific Friends?

    If you wish to conceal your Active or Last Seen status from certain friends while making it accessible to everyone else, Snapchat provides customization options:

    Setting the visibility of certain friends: Open the Snapchat settings, then go to the “Who Can” …” section.

    Privacy preferences can be set for each Contact: Click on the “Customize” or “Edit Custom Friends List” option. Select which friends you want to conceal the Last Seen or Active status from and Save the settings.

    How can I Turn Off the Activity Indicator for Snapchat?

    If you’re not too worried about the activity indicator of other users, this is a step-by-step instruction on how to turn off Snapchat’s Activity indicator. The steps below will help you turn off the Snapchat activity indicator.

    Step 1: Start the Snapchat application.

    Step 2: Click on the Bitomji in the top left-hand corner.

    Step 3: Tap the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner.

    Step 4. Scroll to Privacy Control.

    Step 5: In Privacy Control, click on the Active Indicate.

    Step 6: Turn off the switch near the indicator for Activity.

    Now, you’re accomplished! That’s how to switch off the Snapchat activation indicator. If, even after attempting these methods, the Snapchat Activity Indicator has not been disabled, it could be due to a glitch in the technology. There are solutions on this page.

    How can you disable Active Status?

    Snapchat is a well-known social media platform that enables users to share pictures or videos with families and friends. Additionally, it lets users interact with one another via text messages as well as Snaps. In this blog article, we’ll identify when people are active on Snapchat and give tips for discovering their presence.

    Snapchat shows a user’s status through green or yellow alongside their name in the friend list. The status indicator depends on the person’s previous use of Snapchat. When the icon turns green, that means Snapchat is in use and active. Snapchat is available for chat. If the icon’s colour is either red or yellow, the user is not online or has their “Do not disturb” setting active.

    Another method to find out the presence of a person on Snapchat is to check the Snapchat map. The map shows users’ whereabouts and the date they logged in to Snapchat. It is helpful if you need to know the exact location of someone or are concerned about their security.

    In addition, you can determine if someone is in good standing through the Snapchat score. An individual’s Snapchat score grows each time they look at the Snap or make a post. If a user’s Snap score has recently increased and they’ve been active on Snapchat, then it’s likely they’re using it.

    Make sure you check the ‘Opened’ timestamps.

    If you’ve sent someone an image or a message, Snapchat lets you know when they last saw the message. This tells you whether the person is active or not. It is reliable for up to a day. Following a period, it simply displays how long the image was watched. It is important to note that the user has to have seen the photo or message.

    To verify a date, check the time stamp, open the Snapchat application and move your finger to the right side to reach the chats section. Find their chat. If they have viewed the chat message or snap, you can find an empty square/arrow (depending upon the type of content you’ve shared) underneath the person’s name. In addition, it will say “Opened” and the date the last time it was seen. If the timestamp only lasts one or two seconds, you can tell the user could be on the internet.

    How long will Instagram keep track of the latest live status for a user?

    The last active time is refreshed each minute on Instagram. When the time of last appearance is over 24 hours, Instagram will inform you that this individual was last active on Instagram yesterday.

    Do you know when a person was last seen on Snapchat?

    You can find out when someone was last active on Snapchat with the help of Snap Map. Within Snapchat, you can tap Snap Map at the lower left corner. Go to your friend’s location, tap their Bitmoji, and then check their time stamp.

    Do you know if someone removed their status as an activity?

    If you have your activity status disabled but cannot observe when a person was in active status, that signifies that they’ve switched off their toggle to turn off activity status.


    This article presents the details regarding Snapchat and its maps and provides solutions on how to switch off your location on Snapchat. If you are a user, Snapchat can share your location and the location of their users. But privacy can be compromised when you allow this. It is possible to stop sharing your location using Settings and then selecting Ghost Mode.

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