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how to turn off active status on facebook

    Facebook Messenger displays your family and friends with active status at the highest. This allows you to begin conversations with your online friends. If you set active status on your Messenger account, all users have access to your online status. It is possible that you’d like to hide the status of your Messenger account from a specific person.

    Are you looking to conceal your current status from family members, a former spouse, or even a bothersome Facebook friend via Facebook Messenger? It is possible to turn off the status that is active on the Messenger account. You can’t see the status of others within the Messenger app or on the internet. However, Messenger gives you the option to block the active status of the person. We’ll take a look at it.

    What HAPPENS when you switch off the active status on Facebook

    If you switch off the Facebook live status others won’t know whether you’re active on Facebook or the date the last time you’ve been active. This function gives you greater privacy and the ability to control your online profile. Turning off your status as active and browsing Facebook while not revealing your online presence to other users, could help if you wish to keep your privacy private or browse in silence.

    Status on Facebook Messenger and Facebook Application Status are two distinct things!

    You’ve probably experienced it many of you You’re sure you’ve disabled your status in Messenger, but somehow people know that you’re online!

    It may be a surprise to lots of users, however, to switch off the active status option on your Facebook Messenger application does not mean you are completely inactive for Facebook. There’s a different active status option for Facebook. Facebook application itself, which is required to be disabled to become entirely invisible to Facebook. Facebook account. By turning off your active status in both Facebook as well as Facebook Messenger will you be able to get the desired status of inactivity.

    If they continue to bother you even after doing the deactivations above, you can stop someone from Facebook in the last option. Kidding! Maybe.

    How to turn off the Active Status in Facebook on Mobile Devices

    Additionally, if you want to manage the feature of active status through the browser you use on your desktop it is also possible to turn off the feature with the Facebook mobile application. It is accessible for Android, iPhone, and iPad users.

    For managing Facebook’s status active from your smartphone:

    Open the Facebook app on your tablet or phone and login if not yet.
    The hamburger menu icon is located in your iPhone or iPad located in the bottom left corner. It’s located in the upper right corner on Android phones.
    Scroll down, then open the Settings & Privacy menu, then tap Settings.
    Scroll to the section Audience and Visibility and then tap the option Active Status.
    Switch the Show on the air. Turn it off position. Select the option of turning it off once the verification menu pops up.

    Remove Active Status from Facebook Messenger

    Open the Facebook Messenger application and then click your profile photo on the left-hand side of the display.
    The Tap is Active.
    Switch off the switch to Show the time you’re inactive.

    Be aware that if you switch off Active Status on Facebook and Facebook Messenger You won’t be able to see which of your friends or friends are currently active or active.

    Are Messenger’s active status and activity accurate?

    Facebook’s status is indeed active as it displays that you are active when you’re connected to the internet and are making use of Facebook. But, if you remain connected to the website or application while performing other activities then you may not remain active, even though your app indicates you are an active user.

    What will happen What happens when the Active Status turns Off?

    You can be seen as being active either recently active, currently active, or within the same chat with other users making use of Facebook or Messenger except if you’re removing the settings for each site or application.
    You don’t know if your contacts or friends are currently active, recently active, or are currently on the same channel in the same chat room as you.
    All messages received will be added to the chat list to go through at a later time.

    Do I have the ability to check if my online friends are online even if I switch off my status as active?

    If you’ve turned off the display of your status online and you’re not able to view the state of the individual with whom you’re communicating.


    Facebook can be an excellent social media app, however times occur when you do not want to interact with others. Instead of disabling the application you should make sure to go off the site. Just a few minutes to switch off your status update on Facebook and to stay clear of unwanted intrusions.

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