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how to text someone who blocked your iphone

    Texting is one of the ways through which people can communicate with each other without needing to be able to connect with the person physically. It’s one of the advantages of technology.

    Although you can utilize text messaging for communication, there are instances when you can’t text a specific person. The reason for this may be that you’ve been denied access.

    In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to message someone who has blocked you on your iPhone’s iMessage.

    How can you tell when you’ve had your account blocked by iPhone? There are specific signs to look for, and if you notice these signs, there is a chance that you’ve been blocked.

    How to text someone who has blocked you on the iPhone’s iMessage

    Before contacting someone who’s been blocked on your iPhone, you must change the contact ID of the person you want to call.

    What is the reason you must make this decision?

    So, the solution is quite simple. First, you must change your caller ID since before you block someone, you’ll require either a number or email address. Therefore, if you have an email address that the person you’re blocking doesn’t know about, you could use that address to send them an iMessage.

    To know how to send a text message to someone you’ve blocked on your iPhone, Follow the list of steps below:

    First, visit your iPhone’s Settings (the gear icon).

    Select the Messages.

    Click on Send & Receive.

    In”info, “You can be reached by iMessage at” click on “Add another email.”

    Could you enter the email address and confirm it?

    Once the email address is verified, in”my account,” select “Start new conversations from” and choose the email address that has been verified.

    Once you’ve sent an email to someone, they will get the message as the email has yet to be blocked.

    How do you text someone who is blocking you from Android?

    Follow these easy steps to message anyone who blocked you on an Android phone:

    Step 1: Look for the SpoofCard app on Google Play Store. Google Play Store and download it.

    Step 2: Launch the app and choose SpoofText on the menu page after installation.

    3: Tap the new Spoof Text.

    Step 4: Write the number you want to text in the box below.

    (To make selecting a more manageable phone number to choose, you can grant the application access to the contacts on your phone.)

    Step 5: Create your message and email it to the recipient.

    Alternatively, you can utilize any other texting app or service that permits users to send messages to anyone online to send them text messages.

    The most well-known anonymous messaging services include SendAnonymousSMS, Textem, TextForFree, and many more.

    Visit the website, enter the number you’d like to text, write your message, then hit”Submit.”

    How do you text someone who has Blocks You on Android Device?

    If someone blocks you and you have an Android phone, follow these steps to send them a text message using your phone.


    Find SpoofCard App on the Google Play store.

    Install it and download it to your phone.

    Start the application—Tap SpoofText on the navigation page.

    Tap on a new spoof text.

    Enter the number of the person you wish to call in the field provided. The application will be able to access the contacts on the phone to make the selection process easier.

    Enter your message, then press send.

    Suppose you are concerned that SpoofCard App needs to be fixed. In that case, You can try other services for anonymous texting that permit users to send messages to anyone with any internet-connected device.

    Popular anonymous texting apps include:





    Download the app or visit their websites and input the numbers to whom you want to send a text message. Enter your message, then hit”Send.

    How do you know when you’ve been blocked from texting?

    Before you begin, ensure you have been allowed the ability to send messages.

    If you are still receiving “Message Not Delivered,” or there is no confirmation that your message was even delivered to your mobile, then it’s likely that your number is blocked.

    If you attempt to contact the person but cannot, that’s the proof you require.

    Someone has blocked you on social media if all your messages still need to be received, and you are stopped visiting the individual’s profile.

    If you’ve discovered that it’s been blocked from your phone, look at ways to text anyone who stopped you in your Android and iPhone applications.

    Are You Still able to text someone If They’ve Blocked They Block You On iPhone?

    Texting someone who has blocked you from their iPhone or iPad is impossible. Neither can you message someone who has blocked you on their iPhone? However, texting someone is possible if they remove you from the same messaging application.

    Can you send an iMessage to someone you’ve blocked?

    Yes, you can transmit an iMessage to someone you’ve blocked from your iPhone. However, if you wish them to receive the message you sent, you’ll need to de-block them in the Messages app. The recipient will be able to receive the news once you remove them from the blockage.

    What Can You Do to Text Someone Blocked on the iPhone’s iMessage?

    Suppose you’ve been blocked by someone through iMessage and cannot deter because the platform stops contacts or email addresses. Therefore, your message is hidden and deleted on an individual’s iPhone.

    Since iMessage blocking occurs at the user’s end, you cannot bypass it. However, by changing the phone number, you can send a message to anyone who’s blocked using your iPhone. To do this, you need to follow these steps to follow:

    Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

    Visit iMessages.

    Select “Send and Receive.”

    Look for your “You can be reached by iMessage at” option, then click it.

    Click on “Add another email” and add your new email address.

    Send your email confirmation as quickly as possible.

    Select “Start New Conversations” after confirmation of your new email address.

    How do you know if someone Blocks you on iMessage?

    If you’re speaking to someone via iMessage chat and the text bubbles turn colored green rather than blue, the person probably has banned your iPhone number.

    When you transmit an iMessage, you’ll be able to see a “conveyed” message appear beneath it, signaling the receiver has received it. Received the message. The news you send may display a “Read Receipts” notification if the recipient uses the Messages application and clicks on the conversation string.

    This option won’t be available automatically. It won’t show the black notification until another user has enabled it. It is possible to determine whether you’ve been blocked from iMessage using these steps.

    How do I stop someone from being blocked using my smartphone?

    Blocking someone from your iPhone is a straightforward procedure.

    If you need to block several contacts in Messages, start the conversation.

    Tap on that contact’s name, number, or image, which will appear at the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and then tap the ‘i’ info icon.

    The next step is to tap the name or number and then scroll down to the lower part of the screen. There, you will be able to tap on ‘Block this caller.’

    Can you call an unblocking number?

    If a blocked number texts you, you will not receive the message. But you can send a text message to the number, and the person who sent it will get the news. You will only receive a response if they respond to your text message. The answer will be sent once the phone telephone number has been blocked.

    But, if you’re messaging an iMessage, the message will not be marked as Read or Delivered as it usually would since the Message app will not receive any response to verify the delivery or receipt of the read from the other recipient. It will be possible to send your message as an iMessage, which means that your message will be displayed in the appearance of a blue bubble instead of a green one when you’re texting on an Apple device.

    What is the Do Not Disturb/Focus/Do Not Disturb modes?

    The Apple Do Not Disturb technology, which has recently grown into multi-use Focus technology, basically allows users to control all the incoming notifications, calls, and messages, effectively setting the criteria for whom and what they would like to receive information about when the focus is on. So if you’re working, for instance, you can block all messages, calls, and notifications, including those from your colleagues at work, to ensure you are not distracted.

    It could be why you haven’t been able to get through to your family or friend. Apple allows users to share there Do not Disturb settings via the Messages app. You might want to look through the message thread to check whether Do Not Disturb has been available on the recipient’s mobile; however, status sharing isn’t open by default, and consequently, not everyone can use it.

    What can I do to make a call if I’m blocked?

    If you’re blocked from communicating, you cannot send messages directly to people who have stopped you. However, you could contact them via different channels, for instance, by posting comments on their blog posts or messaging via an other platform.


    In the modern world of technology, communication is more convenient than ever. However, you can limit specific individuals from contacting you via their iPhones simply by pressing a couple of buttons.

    If Someone is doing such a thing to you, it’s impossible to get in touch with them. However, after you’ve read this article, you’ll have an easy method to avoid this and still be able to send them a message on your iPhone. You’re also aware of indicators to watch out for to identify when Someone has blocked your iPhone.

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